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Complex pdf reports for invoicing

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Can you offer me some guidance?

We are not a Web Hosting company but a language interpretation company. Our developer has built a complete telephone system which is working quite well, but he has also wanted to use WHMCS as the platform for developing and sending invoices to clients. 

We are needing our customers to go to their respective portals to view an invoice and its corresponding detail. The detailed invoice can be quite involved sorted by departments, date/time, languages, etc. Therefore, the invoice will only be a summary of the detail and they will pay the invoice but able to view/download the invoice's corresponding details. In other words, the invoice will only have a few line items but the detail for the invoice may have numerous pages showing the details to support the summary invoice. 

Can you point me to a WHMCS addon that can build complex pdf reports?

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Hi James,

8 hours ago, JamesV007 said:

Can you point me to a WHMCS addon that can build complex pdf reports?

the only addon that springs to mind would be ModulesGarden's Report Generator module that currently costs $100 per year.

however, in a WHMCS context, reports are generated in the admin area for use by admins... they're not generally used to create reports accessible directly by clients - though I suppose theoretically you could do that, but the addon wouldn't do that for you... unless you manually export the report and then upload it into the client's downloads area.

from your description, i'm wondering if what you really need/want is a multi-page invoice, where the first page acts as a summary (much as the invoices do already), but then additional pages are added pulling information form various database tables... although it's difficult to imagine exactly what you want without knowing more about these details.

if you did want to go down a multi-page invoice path, then you're really looking at getting a developer in to create a custom invoice template specifically for your needs - that's not going to be technically difficult (unless i'm missing something!), but it's going to need someone with experience to a) pull the required information from sources and b) output it in a clear and consistent design in the PDF template.

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