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SolusVM Cloud Manager

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Hello everyone,

Its my first post at WHMCS community forums :)

I have been working on developing a cloud/resources pool manager this week, its been only 3 days now tho.

Current features:
- Deploy VM in Single click!
- Boot, Shutdown, Reboot
- Destroy VM
- Reset root password in 1 click from WHMCS!
- Upgrade VM resources (CPU, Memory, Bandwidth, HDD, IPs, etc) instantly
- Rebuild/Reinstall VM

Features to be added next week:
- Select desired location (US, UK, etc...)
- Ability to choose Virtualizatin type (OpenVZ/Xen/KVM) before deploying VM

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to message me or post here. I will be posting the updates next week, with probably an additional interface!




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