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Creating Plesk disk space addon

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I'm currently configuring a test installation of WHMCS and a couple of Plesk Onyx nodes.

I can successfully order a hosting plan and have it provisioned on one of the Plesk nodes.  However, I'm unable to get "additional disk space" as a configurable option to work.  I've followed the documentation for the Plesk module and the Configurable Options page, but I just can't get it to provision successfully.

So, first of all I've got some service plans and a service plan addon called "Extra Disk Space" configured in Plesk.  In WHMCS I've created a configurable options group:


If I place an order for a hosting plan and choose a 5GB disk space upgrade, I see the plan itself get created ok, but the disk upgrade fails.  It looks like WHMCS is asking Plesk for a service plan upgrade called "5" rather than "Extra Disk Space" x 5.  Here's the modules log:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><packet version=""><!-- Copyright 1999-2016. Parallels IP Holdings GmbH. -->

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<packet version=""><service-plan-addon><get><result><status>error</status><errcode>1013</errcode><errtext>There is no such a service plan</errtext><name>5</name></result></get></service-plan-addon></packet>

Has anyone else managed to get this working?


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Ok - I'm getting somewhere.  At the moment I can only get this to work as follows:

1. In WHMCS, create the configurable option as a "Drop-down".  Create each individual disk space option and give it a unique name, eg "Extra Disk Space 1GB".
2. In Plesk, Create multiple Service Plan Add-on's with names that correspond to the drop-down name created in step 1.

This is horrible!  I originally wanted to provide a slider from 0GB to 100GB that allows a customer a highly customisable disk space upgrade.  Having to create a massive list of drop-down entries and then another set of Plesk add-on's just isnt feasible.

Surely there's a better way?

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