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retrieve products and prices through the product model with currency and name localized

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Hello WHMCS Community!

I'm building a custom page on WHMCS that needs to retrieve all the products on a specific product group. In this step so far so good.

But, these products have their names translated into several languages using the dynamic translation and different currency prices, looking into WHMCS Classes Model, I found on Product Model the methods that can retrieve this information in the current language and currency set.

I build a simple loop that catches all the products ID:

  $command = 'GetProducts';
  $productgroupid = 12;
  $postData = array(

    'gid' => $productgroupid,


  $results = localAPI($command, $postData);
  $productsId = array();
  foreach ($results['products']['product'] as $product) {
    $productsId[] = $product['pid'];

After this, I passed this products ID's to Product Model to get the information that I need:

foreach ($productsId as $key => $value) {
  $products[$key] = [
    'name' => Product::find($value)->getNameAttribute(),
    'description' => Product::find($value)->getDescriptionAttribute(),
    'price' => Product::find($value)->pricing(),

This works perfectly well, but the  princing() method return only the default currency. I make a test outside the loop to get only one product and tested with different currencies, and the result is that what I expected:

  $userid = (isset($_SESSION['uid']) ? $_SESSION['uid'] : "");
  $currencyid = (isset($_SESSION['currency']) ? $_SESSION['currency'] : "");
  // $currencyid = 5;
  $currency = getCurrency($userid, $currencyid);

(I have try without the currency variable, and after this passing the ID of currency, and the both cases works good)

Only on the loop the princig() method do not retrieve the correct currency. I'm making a mistake in the loop that is not allowing the currency to recover properly?

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I get this resolved look the Data Feed files architecture. The data feed files can serve as the reference on retrieve this type of information.

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