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Service testing!

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Hello to all :)
I'm new, I recently bought my small license for whmcs and I'm working hard to make the most of it. But no more talk, I was looking for a form that could activate a trial time for services.
That is: I try a service, but this lasts only for a certain time, after the expiry the service is canceled.

Is this form available?
I've seen it on some sites that use WHMCS.

Good day :)!

PS: Sorry for my english, but I'm Italian!

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Hello @Ilario42

I think you can configure a product with Auto Terminate/Fixed Term:

Products and Services Documentation


Auto Terminate/Fixed Term - You can setup products to automatically terminate after a set number of days from the service's Registration Date. This can be used to offer free trial products for a certain period of time, or time limited products that should only recur for a certain number of cycles before stopping.

  • To enable enter the number of days to wait before terminating, and choose an email template to be sent to the client when the termination occurs (for example an up-selling email to promote your paid products in the case of a trial, or confirmation of payment completing for instalment payment situations). Set the Auto Terminate/Fixed Term value to 0 to disable this feature.
  • Entering a number in this field will cause the product to be terminated when the cron runs x days after the product registration date.


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