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Submitticket.php. How to add script on the main <body> tag?

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I'm using google analytics tracking code for the submit ticket and I need it to paste in the <body> tag. Where can I locate the core file?

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only template files are editable, and they located under "/templates/{Your-Template-Name}/" directory.

but you don't need to edit any template file for what you ask here, you could simply write a function (ActionHook) to check in what page your clients are and apply the whatever you need.


add_hook("ClientAreaFooterOutput", 1, function($vars){

  	// Check if current page are submitticket.php
  	if ($vars['filename'] == "submitticket"){
      	// Add your tracking code here
      	$javascriptCode = '<script type="text/javascript">alert("You\'re about to submit a ticket :)");</script>';
      	return $javascriptCode;


create new php file (e.g.: googleTrackingCode.php) inside /includes/hooks/ directory and copy the example code above to it, test it then put your tracking code, that's it

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