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VPS high availability module and setup?

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is there anyone who is using some publicly available WHMCS module that interact with cloud system for VPS provisioning? (i mean system where VPSs are high available and there is failover so VPS is served from other GEO location if primary datacenter server is down)

I know there is proxmox (too expensive module from modules garden), there is opennebula (affordable module from cubedata) and non-whmcs billing system also have module for OpenStack i think.

But can you link to a tutorial on how to setup supporting cloud solution (example opennebula,openstack etc) so even regular non technical user can setup that? I just need to host couple of VPSs in HA mode, i already have WHMCS and see there are mentioned WHMCS modules, but problem is the setup, i already browsed OpenNebula and OpenStack installation docs, but it is too difficult for me. Any tutorial or automation tool to setup the things please?

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On 12/6/2017 at 4:22 AM, lsnhost said:

You'll need to consider your networking and IP announcements 

This is true. I don't think you'll be able to have dynamic IPs across  multitude of data centers. One thing you can do is ensure that the data on the VM (or at least a very recent snapshot) is never lost by setting up your custom strategic backups and storage. This is good for your users, but I haven't heard of anyway to provide the other solution.


Please keep us informed if you find someway to improve upon.

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