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Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS 3.0 - Gear Up For The Domain Search Shake-Up!

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Have your customers ever happened to browse through in search of the perfect domain, but got irritated quickly because of the search engine being poorly optimized, to say the least?

Luckily, as valued members of the ModulesGarden Club you are the first to grasp the spanking news of a crucial milestone about to be reached that will change the searching routines of your audience forever. You can already start enjoying the thrill of a massively reconstructed Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS v3.0! Keep your eyes wide open for this breakthrough update as it is approaching fast!

Learn All About Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS!

Anyone interested in obtaining a mind-blowing 50% discount to be spent as you please on our Marketplace? Join the ranks of our ModulesGarden Club and you are one step closer to have it!

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      2. Much to our fierce pride and genuine pleasure, we present you our thoroughly remodelled Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS 3.0! In the center of this milestone, you will find a brand new code rewritten from square one and a more sophisticated but still highly intuitive design. The update will also give you the chance to enrich your client area with new TLD lookup forms, browse domain names suggested by WHMCS providers, apply easily adjustable TLD labels, plus regulate the priority and order of domains - all while relishing the ultrafast speed at which your lookup operations are executed!

      Get your business prepped up for a massive client influx with Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS 3.0!

      Learn All About Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS!

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      5. The announcement of WHMCS 7.4 GA has caused quite a stir among the WHMCS users as it opened up a window of new opportunities! We have already initiated the process of scrutinizing our WHMCS products to make sure they all can be safely installed in the 7.4 environment. Every module that has successfully passed the inspection procedure will be immediately put on this official list.

      Do You Need Custom Software Development For Your Business?
      Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
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