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2Checkout Inline Checkout Improvement

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2Checkout is an amazing payment gateway, at least for us that do not live in the US or Europe and need to get an alternative payment gateway.

We have been working with 2Checkout for 6+ years and we love them.

However, WHMCS still uses the very old fashion way to redirect clients to 2Checkout's website to process the payment. This method has been used for years. It is old fashioned and not attractive at all.

2Checkout has a new Inline Checkout system (similar to Stripe and recently added to CCAvenue) but it is not implemented in WHMCS: https://www.2checkout.com/shopping-cart/whmcs

The feature request is out there for 4+ years: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/2checkouts-new-inline-checkout-experience-direct-checkout but no steps have been taken to move this forward to another level. The documentation is here to help: https://www.2checkout.com/documentation/checkout/inline-checkout

Any idea if this will be implemented, ever?

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    • By sufi
      How do I add 2CO recurring payment (subscribed without WHMCS) to WHMCS invoice?
    • By IRoo
      I am in the process of setting up products in 2checkout, and about to start on the domain extensions.
      2Checkout say that I must have every product I am selling through WHCMS which is simple for the web hosting plans, but a night mare for domain names.
      Almost every domain name can be purchased for between 1 and 10 years. Some for just 2 years, others for up to 5 years and then a jump to 10 years. And some for just 1 year. Most renewals can be up to a max of 10 years and so on for the other domain extensions.
      With around 39 domain extensions, thats a night mare to set up in 2checkout which allows one description for a product.
      For example: a .com domain name can be renewed for up to 10 years. The cost for year 1 is lets say $12, year 2 $11.90
      year 3 $11.80 year 4 $11.70 and so on. So just this one domain extension will need 10 different products to be enterred into the 2Checkout system.
      Before I get into this, I just wanted to ask if there was anyone else selling domain names with varying renewal times and how the handled this with 2checkout.
      Hope someone else had or has a similar problem
      Daniel aka IRoo
    • By iserver
      Your manual
      On manual you speak about any terms, and I think that it's older style of 2co
      Notifications--> Not on screen
      Direct Return --> Screen show this but integration say on Product Area. Confused.
      Aproved URL --> Not on manual
      Apreciate some help.
    • By plusplushosting
      Hi guys,
      Wondering if someone have already a code done for this? Asked to the support and they point me to the smarty docs about the replace function for the $paymentbutton variable.
      Anyone can give me a hand with this please?
      When the invoice is generated with 2CO gateway you can se the one off payment and recurring payment buttons, the idea is hide the recurring payment button only after the invoice due date, so clients cant create subscriptions after the due date.
      Any starting point code will be appreciated.
      Thanx in advance!
    • By yggdrasil
      There is a topic about this on Web Hosting Talk.
      Long story short, 2Checkout is closing my account down after more than 10 years. They send me an mail last week saying Cyberlockers account are not allowed. I never sold anything similar to that. We use WHMCS and all we sell is hosting account for websites.
      I tried to email, I contacted them on phone, the lied several times. When I busted them, they send another email saying the previous email contained wrong information since at first they said it was Visa and Mastercard policies which we know is a big fat lie. In their email they suggested an UK merchant company which after Googling I found has a long history of very fraudulent activities online so I will surely not go with them. Not to mention they don't work with WHMCS and their websites does not give me any trust either.
      The fact is 2CO is shutting hosting accounts down without a valid logical reason. Some person they told is because he was selling cloud services. Another because he was selling backup services and another one they told him its because he had streaming. There is no point to argue, they will just classify your account as cyberlocker if you happen to sell hosting (they now updated their website and added that term to the forbidden list). Not everyone is target. How or why I don't know. No warning either. Just an email saying o 15 September your account will be closed.
      For the record, I had 3 or 4 chargebacks in 10 years, my volume while not big (mostly PayPal took their business away) was not minimal either. So its not for having a bad history with them. I don't know why or how they are deciding some specific hosting companies are not welcome. We use WHMCS, we have a EV SSL, we have PCI scan, the company is real, with great support, etc. Its not a fly night business. Our reputation with 2CO was basically perfect and so is in the hosting industry.
      The only reason I can think is because the website was not in English. This could make sense. Most people I see on Twitter or in other sites complaining are from outside the US. Some are in the UK, some in Germany, some in Italy, some in other countries. This is the only thing that matches so far. All they accounts they are closing down, none seems to be a US hosting business which is ironic since if you are a US based business, 2CO is the worse option available, you have tons of better merchant accounts in the US, cheaper and with better support and integration. 2CO is a third party account, so you can't do things like a real merchant in terms of recurring charges.
      So based on this I assume, that they are closing hosting companies in other countries. I told them WHMCS is listed on their partner page, I talked on the phone for an 30 minutes. They just decided they don't want my business anymore. I consider their decision to be unfair, in particular after sending false information by email before last week. They never replied to my emails either.
      This is a BIG RED warning for anyone considering using 2Checkout with WHMCS. They gave me basically a few days to find another merchant account, since I'm not American its not like I can just sign up with Stripe or something that requires social security number. I would very much appreciate if someone here can suggest me an alternative where I can move my business, otherwise I will have to close down since not having the option to accept credit cards and only accepting PayPal is going to kill my business that relies mostly on foreign orders.
      I honestly need someones help here to get one approved fast. The reason I post this here, is because I need one that works nicely with WHMCS. If I can't automated this with WHMCS, there is no point to sign up. I also need one that allows most countries. This means, while I do accept PayPal, PayPal is not open in all countries in the world, reason why some people paid with 2checkout. My customers are mostly foreign (if you are in the US).
      I have read many horrors stories from 2Checkout.com and I actually always defended them. I always suspected it was because people where selling fishy things or had disputes or chargebacks. Now they are closing me down, and all I did was sell cPanel hosting accounts, never a complain, almost 0 fraud, I always cached them first, and if any when trough 2CO (maybe one a year) I cancelled and refunded it immediately and like I said I had maybe 4 chargeback in 10 years. I was a PERFECT 2Checkout customer with a great billing history, I never asked them for support or even send my customers to them, so I hardly was costing them anything. They where making nice money out of my account. Maybe they want people with chargeback so they can charge them expensive dispute fees, maybe the reason is that I didn't had ones so they made only money from the transactions fees. I don't know the WHY, but I feel destroyed to be honest.
      Since WHMCS is still giving 2CO accounts to new customers, I would seriously advise them to find another partner. And yes, they are closing mostly UK cloud companies as well.
      If someone can point me out somewhere I will be eternally grateful for this.
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