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Blank Dashboard after upgrade

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Hi, I have a new issue, I'm not sure if is caused by deactivation of imageMagic.

After I login into admin area, the summary page shows empty, no graphics, no information


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it could be an old widget causing that - do you have any old, or 3rd-party widgets enabled ??

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@EduardoP737, would you be willing to share (or in a Private Message) who your hosting provider is?  I'm going around and around with mine on this same issue.   

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      Hello there, I have been connecting some domains on GoDaddy, with clients in WHMCS but when doing so I received this Error that I have never seen before.
      The client has one extra contact but that contacts information is all filled out so I'm not sure what "fields" this error is talking about. 
      Here is the error that I am seeing at the top of the screen

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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      Keep seeing this error in the logs over and over
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      I know there is a verification method on WHMCS website https://www.whmcs.com/members/verifydomain.php  , but how I have this on my website.
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      Customer bought a RapidSSL through MarketConnect and when I try to enter the CSR info logged in as him or from the manually configure section I keep getting this error.
      He has a .co domain, but I put in the CSR and all the information and when I select his admin@domain.co and click next I keep getting this "Validity period not valid" error. 
      He did buy a 24 month cert. could it be he needs to purchase a 12 month cert? 
      I checked my server time and it's set to EST. I just can't see any reason this would error out when trying to submit the request from WHMCS. any ideas?
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      This landmark event also includes the introduction of a brand new gear to a diverse collection of EasyDCIM-oriented modules. Advanced Monitoring For EasyDCIM has been designed to further extend the choice of actions to be performed within the area of monitors management.

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