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AffiliateWP WHMCS Sync: Use the AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin to Run Your Affiliate Program!

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Replace the WHMCS Built-in Affiliate System with AffiliateWP.com WordPress Plugin!

We all love WHMCS, however the affiliate system for WHMCS lacks many features which affiliates are always asking for, plus there really are not any features or modules which have been developed for WHMCS' affiliate system internally or by 3rd party developers for reasons which are beyond this post's scope.

After looking around and not finding any affiliate plugins for WordPress which integrated with WHMCS, I decided to release an integration for the AffiliateWP plugin from https://affiliatewp.com and WHMCS in the form of a WHMCS module and companion WordPress plugin called, AffiliateWP WHMCS Sync, only available from 0r161n4lh4ck3r.com.

I am also developing this module/plugin for my own use on TunedHosting.com, I am the owner and chief geek there, and will be releasing another affiliate traffic distribution plugin which will allow you to really get your affiliates working by rewarding affiliates with company sales and affiliate signups as bonuses for sales they generate, more details on that later! ;)

As the module is version 0.9.1 currently which tracks sales at this time from WHMCS to AffiliateWP, I am releasing it with a 50% off coupon for any WHMCS community forum user who purchases prior to version 1.0 being released.

During the run up to version 1.0 I will be releasing many updates to verify integration of all AffiliateWP.com plugins, add-on plugins and 3rd party add-on plugins, when version 1.0 is released this coupon offer will go away at that time.

Here is a link to my site to get more details on the plugin, the site is new so please mind any dust or debris as I continue to develop the site and add more content!



If you are using WordPress to build your web hosting site on and want the most powerful affiliate program you can setup and run from a WordPress plugin, you should look at affiliatewp.com and check out their amazing plugin and all the other add-on plugins that are available for creating and running a highly professional affiliate program from your WordPress dashboard!

Using any of the dozens of add-ons available for AffiliateWP you can create almost any kind of affiliate program you could desire, uni level with single level payouts to full scale MLM with multiple levels of payouts, forced matrix and binary setups are possible, your only limitations is your imagination.

OK, I hope you guys see the potential for this module/plugin setup like I do, please contact me on my site with questions or leave comments here for follow up on pre sales questions.

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This is interesting, however going to 0r161n4lh4ck3r.com it makes my CPU go sky high, is it doing bitmining? I do notice you are focused on hacking I guess so not sure if that is related, check here: 


Anyhow that is not why I am commenting, my interest is to see how development of this module is going, is it production ready? Are you continuing to work on it? can you post screenshots of it in action?

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Hey there! Just saw this, I promise to be around here more often as things get going with the script.

First to answer your question about the 'bitmining', yes I was running a javascript snip from mineralt.io, however that is not running, nor is any other bitmining script, due to the very issue you bring up, high cpu usage on client browsers.

Nice idea, just not ready for the real world.

As for the site, https://0r161n4lh4ck3r.com/, being focused on 'hacking', actually... that is not the case, I am not a 'hacker' as the TV might portray, more like the old school MIT guys, as I reference on my site, https://0r161n4lh4ck3r.com/bringing-the-original-hacker-culture-back/.


AffiliateWP WHMCS Sync - I am about to release version 1.0 (Today in fact!)

This version adds more functionality:

  • Script can now handle multiple items per purchase and calculate commissions for each separately in AffiliateWP.
  • Calculates per product commission rates and a default rate for domain sales as they don't have their own settings in tblproducts
    • You can have standard rate you set for affiliates in AffiliateWP, then custom rate on each product you sell in WHMCS to override the standard rate in AffiliateWP, or set others to not have commission, etc.
  • Processes refunds and cancellations in AffiliateWP when order refunded or cancelled in WHMCS
  • More! :) 

Yes, I will be putting together a demo video on installation and setup of the module and plugin.

We currently use this module and plugin with AffiliateWP plugin on our site TunedHosting.com for our affiliate program, plus a few other plugins and tweaks, such as a system to distribute company site traffic as it is buying or signing ups as an affiliate out to our actively marketing affiliates as bonus traffic, etc.

I will also be developing other Affiliate plugin integrations for WordPress Affiliate plugins and releasing them on the site as well, however I will be focusing on AffiliateWP as it is the most flexible plugin I have seen on the market, great coding, etc.



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Remember the 50% off coupon is only good until I release version 1.0 of this plugin, to date... we have sold zero copies, however that is my fault, haven't marketed it yet or even put up a video... ;)

Because of this, I'm going to extend the 50% off coupon until 5/1/2018, then the price will be at $29.99 per year moving forward if you want to get a license for this script.



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I paid for your plugin a few weeks ago. Now I found time to work on the integration and your website is down so I cannot download it. When will this be fixed?

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