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Mailchimp integration issue

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Hi, I have been testing the mailchieenmp integration. and I found 2 issues.


1) If by mistake you dont create a list right after you setup the mailchimp API key, you wont be able to do it after... There  MUST be an option to create a list after the API key has been saved. I had this problem and I was forced to disconnect the mailchimp connection and make it again to be able to add a list.


2) When I try to add the list , I receive this error.. Any idea?


type - Schema describes string, NULL found instead vendor - Schema describes string, NULL found instead






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The error you are encountering indicates there are orphaned products in your WHMCS database (ie. products which are assigned to a non-existent product group).

To identify the problematic product,  the Utilities > Logs > Module debug Log tool can be used
Please enable it, reproduce the problem, disable it again and then review the data to identify the problematic product.

More detailed instructions are published at http://docs.whmcs.com/Troubleshooting_Module_Problems

This can be resolved in two ways:

  1. Delete the orphaned products from the tblhosting table. OR
  2. Insert a new record into tblproductgroups with the same id as the missing product group (tblproducts.gid) value. Call it something like "Orphaned Products" so you can deal with the product as you see fit via the Setup > Products/Services> Products/Services page.

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I got this fixed but my orphaned product was in tblproducts not tblhosting

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Is there any way to list the orphaned products? maybe an SQL query or something similar to identify that products...



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to get a list of IDs of products (and their product group) that have an invalid product group, the SQL query below should work...

SELECT id,gid FROM tblproducts WHERE gid NOT IN (SELECT id FROM tblproductgroups)


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      Array (     [id] => cust-11984     [email_address] => dcspamproof1@gmail.com     [opt_in_status] => 1     [company] =>      [first_name] => Test     [last_name] => User     [orders_count] => 0     [total_spent] => 0     [address] => Array         (             [address1] =>              [address2] =>              [city] =>              [province] =>              [postal_code] =>              [country] =>              [country_code] => US         ) ) ==============================================================================
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