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Upgrade to 7.3.0 - Admin page

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I did an automated upgrade to 7.3.0.  No errors, everything seems to be working fine except for the admin/index.php.  It acts like the template is not loading, no css or formatting.  I can navigate to other admin pages and they are working fine. I checked to database for the problems with the blank admin page, and that was not the problem.  The same problem persists using blend, v4 and lara admin templates.

I then uploaded the admin folder from the full, with no change.  I disabled all addons and custom widgets, again no change.  I replaced the index.php with the 7.2.3 and the page works.

Any WHMCS gurus have an idea?


I opened a ticket #PWV-015178


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The page is not blank, it is like the admin template is not loading.  There is no formatting or css.  Just text.  But other admin pages are fine.



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We seem to be having a similar issue, disabling the Widgets in the Staff permissions did not help.

Any ideas?

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 12.32.51 PM.png

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