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WHMCS 7.3 Reaches Release Candidate Status

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WHMCS 7.3 Reaches Release Candidate Status

We are pleased to announce the release of the WHMCS 7.3 Release Candidate.

The release candidate marks the end of feature development and is the final stage before releasing the final and stable version of WHMCS 7.3.

We encourage you to download, install and try out the release candidate. Be among the first to try out new features including Google, Facebook and Twitter Sign-In, MailChimp Integration, Plesk and DirectAdmin SSL Automation, New Backup Options and more.

Learn more about these and the other new features in WHMCS 7.3 on our dedicated WHMCS 7.3 Preview Site.

Discuss Version 7.3 in our Beta Discussion Forum or on Twitter using the hashtag #WHMCS73.

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    • By gbotica
      Hi there,
      I've been using the WHMCS built-in ticket system for many months, and I import tickets from email, using the POP import method with a cron job.
      The import process works fine, however the email messages remain on the email server after import.
      I'm sure that when I first set this up and tested that the email messages were removed once they've been imported, but that no longer seems to be the case. (Can't see anything spefically about it in the docs https://docs.whmcs.com/Email_Piping#POP3_Import_Method)
      Is this a bug, or has there been a change to this behaviour?
      I never check the email account by any other means, so this seems like a problem to me as the messages will build up on the server and require manually clearing out.
      Any input or help appreciated -- thanks!
    • By EduardoP737
      Hi, I have a new issue, I'm not sure if is caused by deactivation of imageMagic.
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      After an autoupdate, I recieved this message
      How can I fix this?
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      I set up facebook integration, but only first name and last name retrieved. Is it normal? or it should fill email, phone no, address.

    • By battles
      I just upgraded to 7.3 and the admin area is now blank.
      Using template 6, in outside folder.
      Do I need to move something?
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