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Hello WHMCS Forum Members...


We have seen this question asked before, and even discussed. However we have not yet seen a complete solution.

Many have mentioned how cumbersome and tedious the task would be but we have actually taken on the challenge and succeeded.

We have authored a full-fledged accounting WHMCS add-on module that our own company has used for several years now.

It began as a tool that helped us better track income/expenses in WHMCS and over the past several years has metamorphosed into so much more.

It is a very robust accounting system that is functionally comparable to other popular accounting software like QuickBooks and Peachtree.

The primary difference being we no longer need QuickBooks because our Accounting module does all accounting for us and our CPA.


We would like to know how many WHMCS users would be interested in us bringing this add-on the WHMCS marketplace?


All input is welcome...

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Hi Daniel,


Thank you for your interest! While the accounting module is multi-language, the add-on is in USD currency only. This is because it has been used by us exclusively and our currency has always been USD. If the module generates enough potential sales and interest in adding multi-currency, we would certainly explore the option of adding it.

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Please tell us more about this robust account system..


Can you input expenses? Are there reports that can be generated?


You just basically told us you have this amazing module but really didnt go into details on what it all does!!

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Hi Jason,


Appreciate the input and questions. Due to the extensive functionality of the module, we felt it impractical to list all of its features in a single post, which is why we kept the original post very brief. We felt it better to post a brief inquiry as we did to see what type of response and interest it generated and then respond to the questions and input. This way we are able to focus on what is most important to those interested and not talk about features that others may not need or find that much interest in.


In answer to your specific questions, yes expenses can be input. Expenses are recorded against standard cash accounts (banks, credit cards, credit lines, accounts payable, etc.) and the offsetting entries are recorded against expense accounts that are optionally tagged to clients. Those expenses are tracked against the cash account, each related expense account, as well as each client. And those expenses, if billable to a client, are still recorded as Billable Items within the core WHMCS system. In fact, the module adds a ton of functionality without compromising how WHMCS functions.


The module offers very detailed reporting that allows one to see exactly where money is being expensed and what the return in sales on those expenses are. The module includes Profit & Loss reports, Sales by Vendor reports, Income by Client reports, Sales by Item reports, and a host of many others. [EDIT: For those reports that WHMCS offers a similar, the module greatly extends the data shown in the reports.]


This is a full-fledged double-entry accounting system that offers many features that are sure to enhance WHMCS for a lot of companies. Thanks again for replying.

Edited by Chance

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Did you make this system available or are you still just using it for your own expenses/accounting? I'm looking for a solution now to get rid of Quickbooks and have found very little.

1. Easy WHMCS Expenses module
$10/mo or $53 to buy (7.4 pounds or 40 pounds)
- some bad reviews

2. WHMCS Tech Expense Manager
$19/mo or $79 to buy

3. Expenses Tracker 
only one review - it's negative
$50 but it has not been updated since July 2017 as far as I can tell.


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Hi hostingct,

Thanks again for your interest.  Please see our response to your message yesterday regarding this as we would very much like to make it public....


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Sure, I'd be happy to assist with beta testing. Though I was really looking mainly for an expense / report module rather than a full double-entry system. Sounds like you've put in a lot of work already and are trying to make this the go-to accounting addon for WHMCS, which is sorely needed.



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    • By blakeh
      It's that time of year where I'm banging my head against a wall.
      Invoice Sync with Xero or QB is really not workable, too much time spent cleaning up discrepancies and dealing with more stuff in the account system that we don't need or want in there.
      What I long for, in my heart of hearts is an actual General Ledger export. We define in WHMCS what products map to what account codes and export the daily data once it is paid. We don't care about pushing all those customers into our financial system, they are in WHMCS and they can stay there. This would simplify so much.  
      I can expand on this if needed, but it shouldn't be that difficult of a concept, and it would make it much easier to integrate to many different accounting systems because almost all of them allow for Gengeral Ledger or Journal Entry import.
    • By yggdrasil
      Yes, I know how it works and trust me, it has caused me problems with balances as well as no accounting software is prepared for this and how WHMCS calculates profits/invoices, etc.
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      ModulesGarden Time Tracking Center For WHMCS will allow you to sell hours of your work and bill your clients for time spent on certain tasks. The module allows to add tasks for which you can bill your customers like for example a certain amount of hours of available support per month or time spent for installing one of your products. To make your life easier, Time Tracking Center For WHMCS enables to create invoices automatically and manually on demand.
      With our module your clients will be also able to purchase products containing specified amount of hours that can be spent on services offered by you and monitor status regarding each task from the client area.
      If you are offering custom or unconventional services to your WHMCS clients, then Time Tracking Center For WHMCS will be a perfect tool for you! Now available at special price. Promotion ends within 2 weeks!
      Addon Module Features:

      Add/Edit/Remove Support Clients
      Add/Edit/Remove Tasks
      Add/Edit/Remove Time Entries - Time Spent On Task
      View List Of Billable Time Entries
      Generate Invoices Manually
      Add Invoices Creation To Cron Queue
      View Report Of Time Spent On Selected Client's Tasks
      Automatically Generate Invoices Through Cron Job
      Send Email Notifications - New Task/New Time Entry
      Predefined Prices
      Mileages - Log & Bill For Distance Traveled
      Two Types Of Permissions - All Tabs Available Or Only 'Work Sheet' & 'Report'

      Provisioning Module Features:

      Create Support Client Accounts Upon Module Activation
      Automatically Add Defined Amount Of Prepaid Hours To Your Clients
      Supports One Time & Recurring Payment Types

      Task Configurations:

      Support Client
      Task Name
      Predefined/Custom Charge Per Hour
      Charge Per Mileage
      Mileage Types - Billable Or Visible For Client & Staff Or Visible For Staff Only
      Task Status

      Available Cron Job Behaviour Settings:

      Generate Invoices For Queued Time Entries Only
      Generate Invoices For All Time Entries From Previous Week
      Generate Invoices For All Time Entries From Previous Month


      Multi-Language Support
      Multi-Currencies Support
      Supports WHMCS V5 and Later

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      Would you like to know more about the upcoming modules? Ask on our Forums!
      Do You Need Custom Software Development?
      Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create adequate addon, entirely new module or even a complete system!
      We can advise how to solve your problems or propose an optimal solution for your business.
      ♦ Contact Us Today!
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      For more information about our promotions, products and company activity visit our Forums, Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ !
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    • By valeriec
      When manually editing a timed entry the new data does not respect the 24-hour clock times. 13:00 becomes 1:00, which creates a problem because only the manually updated field gets automatically changed. Basically it makes the end time before the start time in most cases.
      =========STEPS TO REPLICATE=========
      Click on "Edit Task" button on a project.
      Edit the time (either manually or using the sliders). The time converts to a 12/hour clock (rather than 24) on only the edited field.
      This changed happened after the last update. Worked perfectly prior to that.
    • By wulfric
      latest WHMCS using stock six template
      Is something like this already baked-into WHMCS? Where can client see activity log for credits?
      WHMCS Admin Dashboard > Client Profile > Invoices/Billing > Manage Credits
      How can I display the table data that I see as an admin, to my client? So perhaps, when the client receives a credit, they can see why, when and how much.
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