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domain importing - creating the order is important or not?

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It's said that, for importing domains in WHMCS, it's important (mandatory?) to create a "fake" related order, both if you do it via web interface (where there's no other way to import a domain), both if you do it in backend (using a script, or working directly on db)


An so, i.e., works the domain import script for Resellerclub (developed by Resellerclub-mods): if you import 100 domains, you'll find also 100 corresponding orders.




But there's another common import script (the one developed by Hexonet) which doesn't create any order.

You need to import 100 domains? And 100 domains will be imported, but no orders associated to any of them ... :oops:


So, being that I like undertanding things, I'm here to ask: why would be important (or mandatory) creating related order in domain importing?

If a domain has not a related order, what would happen, in what circumstances?

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technically, I don't think you need to make an order... yes, doing it on the admin side, you do because, as you say, it's the only method available there...


but looking on a live WHMCS installation (not a dev), I can see a whole list of domains in tbldomains with orderid = 0 and no relating order... yet all those domains are invoicing/renewing/manageable without issues.


thinking back to over four years ago, i'm pretty sure they were added via an import script supplied by WHMCS Support... I must have imported them from the old billing software we were using back then... yes that's ringing bells... so it was the import script that must have imported them directly into tbldomains and bypassed tblorders. :?:


untried, but i'm fairly sure that if you just added a domain straight into tbldomains, it would work fine... I must remember to try that on a dev sometime. :)

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