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Compatible Hosting Platforms

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Hi guys,

Whilst i have been playing around with web hosting for some time, it has almost always been as a reseller. Most of my work has centered around building websites however I wish to move onto Google Cloud Platform and run my own cloud servers.

I realise that i have a lot of learning to do, however, I have been working hard on the steep learning curve and am now pretty much settled on using debian or ubuntu (i prefer ubuntu actually).


I am interested in some input into compatible hosting platforms that work best with whmcs.


I have looked at the following and am interested in your input on ease of module installation, functionality, regular updates, support. I have noticed that some of the programs in the list below are either not that stable when i have set them up on Google Cloud or the whmcs modules seem to be very demanding to install and configure.


If i had the money i think i would simply go for a one platform solution for both billing and server management...perhaps in the future? (although i am playing around trying to get ISP systems up and running on Google Cloud Platform)





ISP Systems

Centos Web Panel (havent tried this one yet but am about too)



any others that you think are well worth my considering.


Obviously i have not included plesk and whm cpanel (already know that those two work well with whmcs)

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There are many platform's available that we can use. Many of them provide storage in quite good rate.But the server that we will take should also come up with cloud dr solutions so that we will not face any problem in future.

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There is such a control system as Ajenti. In addition to the beautiful interface, this panel has several very interesting technical features. Initially, developers created a convenient tool for managing Linux server components, namely, working with the network file system (Network File System), users, network settings and firewalls. There is also the extension Ajenti V, which later allowed this panel to work also with sites and I use it for Assignment.EssayShark service. The main feature of Ajenti V module is the use of a faster nginx as a web server, and the rejection of the good old Apache, which is quite relevant for large projects. Also the panel supports not only traditional PHP, but also technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Python, Node.

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Hi guys,

thanks for your answers...

@linaa...i read some of the information on your link. Thank you for that, i guess that is one reason why i also considered and experiemented with Virtualmin professional. Its innate ability to cluster seemed like a good idea. I dont know that much about this from a web hosting point of view...however, i am quite certain it will be necessary as time goes on. Fortunately with platforms like google cloud, there are lots of resources with which to resolve redundancy issues in house.


@hammo...i will take another look at Ajenti. I did investigate that platform once before. I forget why i did not shortlist it!

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