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The first Centoswebpanel script


Test it here



– Create New Account

– Remove Account

– Suspend Account

– Unsuspend Account




-In file “/usr/local/cwp/.conf/api_allowed.conf” you need to add your remote IP address, one per line.

-In file “/usr/local/cwp/.conf/api_key.conf” you need to add your API key which will be used for remote access authorization.>> You can have only one key.

-Upload the module to your whmcs , install and enjoy !



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    • By steven99
      In WHMCS, you have "servers" that are typically used to hold server login details in order to perform remote functions on that server.  However, you can also use this grouping feature to keep track of other stock controlled items such  as server cabinets or services not requiring an remote functions but that you need to have grouping of.  
      WHMCS has an "Auto Release" feature module that creates tickets or to do items for different types of service events.  However, WHMCS does not support assigning a service to a server while using the Auto Release module in the product.
      This server module brings in the auto release features of creating support tickets and to do items on service related events while also allowing you to assign services to a server that is using this module.
      First year of support and updates included.  After that point, a support and updates package is required for access to download the module and access support.  You are able to continue to use the module without an active support and updates package. 
      Order: https://clients.u2-web.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=56
      If you have any questions, please contact me .
    • By joshsnc2000
      We recently migrated our WHMCS over to a newer server running Plesk 12. Everything went well except some Timezone issues.
      We have found that when our crons run for billing and for ticket pop importing the cron kicks off at the RIGHT time however the scripts themselves are executed in the timezone set on the system time of the shared VPS server. This causes all of our tickets to be shown as being brought in 4 hours in the future as well as billing cron timestamps being incorrect.
      Has anyone else seen this issue or know how specifically to get the cron under your subscription in Plesk or on CentOS to use a specific timezone.
      Note that we did set the timezone under the Plesk general settings and also attempted to do it under the Plesk subscription however neither seem to make a difference however setting it for the domain itself under PHP settings does work for scripts accessed via the domain (http).
    • By willk
      Hi All,
      Is there a way to prevent a single order running the ChangePackage server module twice?
      So in modules\servers\myserver\myserver.php I have the ChangePackage function.
      When a user places an order to modify resources associated with a product (in this case a server and the resources are CPU and RAM) the ChangePackage function is called and works fine.
      However, if they change both CPU and RAM in the same order the ChangePackage function is called twice. Given that there is no way to pass only what the order actually changed, only to grab the current values, calling it twice it pointless.
    • By sentq
      eNom Website Builder module will help you to sell and manage eNom website builder services directly from WHMCS, your clients can easily purchase and manage their accounts from your client area, and you will be able to automate the accounts provisioning in WHMCS as well as manage these accounts from admin area.
      + Login to Website Editor with one click
      + Add/Change Custom Domain
      + Change Username
      + Change Email
      + Create Account
      + Suspend/Unsuspend Account
      + Terminate Account
      + Compatible with WHMCS v6+
      + Multi-Language support
      + Product Overview / Client Area
      + Update Domain
      + Update Email
      + Update Username
      + Product/Service Configuration
      + Product Overview / Admin Area
      Order Link:
      More Information:
    • By amasso
      I can't access to the page 'Servers' under Setup > Product/Services > Servers. The file 'configservers.php' systematically produces a 500 Internal Server Error.
      The issue started right after a server migration to a new IP address. All is working perfectly fine after the migration, except for this particular issue. I need to replace the old IP with the new one under 'Servers' configuration, otherwise the 'Module Settings' and the Auto-Setup feature will not run.
      Has anyone run into the same problem? Any ideas on how to solve this issue?
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