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Support tickets reply in Six template are buggy

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We are using the Six template and just noticed users cannot hit "Reply" on support tickets when they wish to respond (via viewticket.tpl). Instead, they need to create a new ticket since the reply doesn't work.


How best should I troubleshot this? It appears to be JS or CSS related, but I'm unsure where to start to look for why that link fails to work. It doesn't allow the reply window to open and a user to enter data in the field.


- - - Updated - - -


Btw, I am getting these 2 errors in the javascript console:


whmcs.js:67 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

responsive-scripts.min.js?ver=1.2.6:1 Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).placeholder is not a function

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I assume this is a customised Six template and not a totally clean template ?


if it were a clean template, i'd have suggested trying the bug in a dev installation or the WHMCS demo - but as i'm writing this, the demo is down... if there are no alterations or no hooks getting in the way, then what you're seeing shouldn't occur.


i'd be tempted to disable the .js files one by one to see which one is causing this issue - then when you know which one it is, you can decide how best to work around the issue.

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It is a customized template, but interestingly the template files supportticketsubmit-stepone.tpl and supportticketsubmit-steptwo.tpl have zero customizations added.... and all else appears to work on the site with Six template.


Our main customization is we stripped the left sidebar away from all pages, but there appear no js or css code calls in that specifically for these support ticket pages.

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Our main customization is we stripped the left sidebar away from all pages, but there appear no js or css code calls in that specifically for these support ticket pages.

how did you strip the sidebars away - by modifying the templates or using action hooks ?


removing by hooks shouldn't affect the js in anyway... if you've modified templates to remove them, then that's potentially more risky.


worst case scenario, if you can't track down the clash, would be to make the reply box visible, instead of being hidden, by default - that's just a minor change to a div in viewticket.tpl


<div class="panel panel-info panel-collapsable{if !$postingReply} panel-collapsed{/if} hidden-print">

and change it to...


<div class="panel panel-info hidden-print">

I don't think it looks that great, but without seeing the website or knowing everything that you've changed, it might be the quickest solution! :)

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