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Remote Transaction Failure. Please Contact Support.

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One of our customers if getting the error "Remote Transaction Failure. Please Contact Support." when trying to add a credit card to their account. The weird thing is, though, that this isn't happening to anyone else. And it's not just their own card - we've tried adding a card to the account that we've successfully added to a couple of other accounts, but it doesn't work on there either.


I've been trying to diff data from tblaccounts and tblclients to compare these accounts but nothing obvious has sprung up.


All the searching I've done on the matter seems to bring up people with the error for all clients, but ours is specific to one client.


Can anyone point me in the right direction please?


Many thanks.

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do you have any records under Admin Area -> Billing -> Gateway Log

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Yes, here is what I found:


UserID => 5

exception 'Braintree_Exception_NotFound' in /home/web/public_html/modules/gateways/braintree/lib/Braintree/Util.php:59

Stack trace:

#0 /home/web/public_html/modules/gateways/braintree/lib/Braintree/Http.php(48): Braintree_Util::throwStatusCodeException(404)

#1 /home/web/public_html/modules/gateways/braintree/lib/Braintree/PaymentMethod.php(153): Braintree_Http::put('/payment_method...', Array)

#2 /home/web/public_html/modules/gateways/braintree/lib/Braintree/PaymentMethod.php(61): Braintree_PaymentMethod::_doUpdate('/payment_method...', Array)

#3 /home/web/public_html/modules/gateways/braintree.php(309): Braintree_PaymentMethod::update(NULL, Array)

#4 /home/web/public_html/includes/ccfunctions.php(0): braintree_storeremote(Array)

#5 /home/web/public_html/clientarea.php(0): updateCCDetails()

#6 {main}

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is that your client ID?


That's the user ID of the user who cannot update their credit card - the only user (we've found) that cannot update it.

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it may be better to contact the module author to investigate this for you, provide him with this log record info will help too

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