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WHMCS custom integration

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I'm currently working on a custom integration of WHMCS. A lot of custom modifications has been made to make this concept work.


I'm looking for some insights, opinions about what can be done better, extras,... The project is still in a very early beta stage, we only just started accepting (beta) clients. Every opinion matters!


Feel free to take a look around, I've set up a test account so you can take a look in the client area.



user: test@mail.com

pass: swGpIL8hdC



What has been done so far:

  • Re-design every element inside whmcs
  • HTML website builder intigration (beta)
  • owncloud integration for free cloud storage and email client (very early stage)
  • Replaced knowledgebase with WordPress based system


What has to be done:

  • Optimize UX
  • Mobile app for invoices, basic product configuration, DNS,... (in development)
  • Open-exchange/ms xchange integration
  • Lots of extra pages/feautures
  • integrated DNS manager
  • Announcements (design)
  • Write tutorials/FAQ
  • Create API for customers
  • ...


Plans for the future:

Make WHMCS work with angularJS, if someone has managed to do this, feel free to contact me :)






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The screenshot look nice but the site give me error (This site can't be reached) :)

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Site has been updated I guess, you can login at: https://client.phasehosting.io/ but the login credentials above does not work.


Anyhow: I love it. If you have plans to sell your template, feel free to get in touch. :)


Did you buy these templates? If not, i'd be interested in purchasing them. You did an amazing job with the signup process and the UI design, looking for a very similar setup.

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It has been a long time since I checked this post. Currently, I am developing a custom system that runs next to WHMCS that provides a fluid API to communicate with WHMCS, cPanel, Proxmxox, Zimbra and on the long run provisions apps on docker hosts. This way creating your own laravel, AngularJS, Ember,... client interface is a breeze. I've struggled with that for a long time because I really like WHMCS as a client managment system. The release date is within the next 2 - 3 months and a large part of the codebase will be open source if someone is intrested.


Then, I will put the template files of the current design on GitHub. But a lot is customized to our likings and there are some 3th party modules that are required. Installing would not be easy!!

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This is a fantastic integration, one of the best I've seen. Great work

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