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Dynamically regenerate payment data

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Im wondering if there is a simple way to re-generate payment data for an invoice. (Im asking for PHP code).


My example case:

I have a addon created, that lists payments of a certain gateway that generates payment details for the ATM machine.


Now if I didnt have the module, the normal procedure would be:

1º When the payment details expire in order to renew them I have to delete the payment data from the DB table of the payment.

2º Go to the invoice, click on the "View as Client" and it would re-generate the payment details.


With my addon, I wanted to simplify the steps, because not all admin users have DB knowledge for this, so on my addon page, it would list all invoices (unpaid) and the steps for re-generating payment details are:

1º Click button delete

This will delete the payment data from the DB - Working!

Now I would need to re-generate it, something like calling: gateway_link() function form my addon page.


Is there a simple way to do this?




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