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Supreme-Comparison orderform: how to translate {$product.pricing.minprice.cycleText}

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Where do this smarty var get it´s value:




it displays the pricing with a "/mo" or "/yr" tag, depending on the payment terms.

I need to change this but can´t find (or assume) lang strings for it.

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I too could see no reference to the cycles in the language files, nothing in the template either... therefore, it looks like it's hard-coded to me - i'll leave it up to others to decide if this was intentional or just overlooked when they tested it! :roll:


but that being the case, your best option is to use Smarty replace - or multiple replaces if you're using multiple cycles.. for example...


{$product.pricing.minprice.cycleText|replace:'/mo':'per month'}

or if you want to do multiple replaces for all the periods...


{$product.pricing.minprice.cycleText|replace:'/mo':'<br />per month'|replace:'/3 mo':'<br />per 3 months'|replace:'/6 mo':'<br />per 6 months'|replace:'/yr':'<br />per year'|replace:'/2 yr':'<br />every 2 years'|replace:'/3 yr':'<br />every 3 years'}

or if it needed to be multilingual and use existing language strings...


{$product.pricing.minprice.cycleText|replace:'/mo':$LANG.orderpaymentterm1month|replace:'/3 mo':$LANG.orderpaymentterm3month|replace:'/6 mo':$LANG.orderpaymentterm6month|replace:'/yr':$LANG.orderpaymenttermannually|replace:'/2 yr':$LANG.orderpaymenttermbiennially|replace:'/3 yr':$LANG.orderpaymenttermtriennially}

personally, if I was going to do this, i'd use new language strings for this purpose (using Language Overrides - http://docs.whmcs.com/Language_Overrides), add a break return to the start of each... or alternatively, use the replace to remove the "/mo" and "/yr" etc from {$product.pricing.minprice.cycleText} and then use the value of {$product.pricing.minprice.cycle} to determine the cycle string to use and output it either below or above the price.


anyway, I have to idea what you want to change it to, but hopefully that's given you a few ideas about how to do it. :idea:

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I already did the replace (at least for the main language), just thought it was something I overlooked or not possible to find. This should be fixed by WHMCS Devs.

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This should be fixed by WHMCS Devs.

that really depends if they did it on purpose or overlooked it - reporting it as a bug or contacting support might be an idea as they'll likely tell you which one it was - the devs don't necessarily come to these forums, so unless one of the support guys sees the thread and passes it on, they might not realise.


btw - they've done the same thing with the Universal Slider template too. :)

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