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Email Templates Variables List

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For all of you (like me) who are looking for or simply just would like to have a List of all Email Templates Variables Available when designing your email templates, my 2 cents:



Client Related

ID {$client_id}

Client Name {$client_name}

First Name {$client_first_name}

Last Name {$client_last_name}

Company Name {$client_company_name}

Email Address {$client_email}

Address 1 {$client_address1}

Address 2 {$client_address2}

City {$client_city}

State/Region {$client_state}

Postcode {$client_postcode}

Country {$client_country}

Phone Number {$client_phonenumber}

Password {$client_password}

Signup Date {$client_signup_date}

Credit Balance {$client_credit}

Card Type {$client_cc_type}

Card Last 4 {$client_cc_number}

Expiry Date {$client_cc_expiry}

Remote Gateway Token {$client_gateway_id}

Client Group ID {$client_group_id}

Client Group Name {$client_group_name}

Total Due Invoices Balance {$client_due_invoices_balance}

Custom Fields (Array) {$client_custom_fields.1}

Status {$client_status}



Product/Service Related

Order ID {$service_order_id}

ID {$service_id}

Signup Date {$service_reg_date}

Product Name {$service_product_name}

Product Description {$service_product_description}

Domain {$service_domain}

Config. Options {$service_config_options}

Server Name {$service_server_name}

Server Hostname {$service_server_hostname}

Server IP {$service_server_ip}

Dedicated IP {$service_dedicated_ip}

Assigned IPs {$service_assigned_ips}

Nameserver 1 {$service_ns1}

Nameserver 2 {$service_ns2}

Nameserver 3 {$service_ns3}

Nameserver 4 {$service_ns4}

Nameserver 1 IP {$service_ns1_ip}

Nameserver 2 IP {$service_ns2_ip}

Nameserver 3 IP {$service_ns3_ip}

Nameserver 4 IP {$service_ns4_ip}

Payment Method {$service_payment_method}

First Payment Amount {$service_first_payment_amount}

Recurring Payment {$service_recurring_amount}

Billing Cycle {$service_billing_cycle}

Next Due Date {$service_next_due_date}

Status {$service_status}

Suspend Reason {$service_suspension_reason}

Cancellation Type {$service_cancellation_type}

Username {$service_username}

Password {$service_password}

Custom Fields (Array) {$service_custom_fields.1}



Domain Related

Order ID {$domain_order_id}

Signup Date {$domain_reg_date}

Domain {$domain_name}

SLD (yourdomain) {$domain_sld}

TLD (com) {$domain_tld}

Reg Period {$domain_reg_period}

First Payment Amount {$domain_first_payment_amount}

Recurring Amount {$domain_recurring_amount}

Next Due Date {$domain_next_due_date}

Expiry Date {$domain_expiry_date}

Registrar {$domain_registrar}


'Days Until Expiry' and 'Days Until Next Due' will show 0 if the date has passed.

'Days After Expiry' and 'Days After Next Due' should be used if the date has passed.

Days Until Expiry {$domain_days_until_expiry}

Days Until Next Due {$domain_days_until_nextdue}


'Days After Expiry' and 'Days After Next Due' will only be defined if the date has passed.

Days After Expiry {$domain_days_after_expiry}

Days After Next Due {$domain_days_after_nextdue}

Status {$domain_status}

DNS Management {$domain_dns_management}

Email Forwarding {$domain_email_forwarding}

ID Protection {$domain_id_protection}

Auto Renew Disabled {$domain_do_not_renew}



Support Ticket Related

ID {$ticket_id}

Department {$ticket_department}

Date Opened {$ticket_date_opened}

Subject {$ticket_subject}

Message {$ticket_message}

Status {$ticket_status}

Priority {$ticket_priority}

Ticket URL {$ticket_url}

Ticket Link {$ticket_link}

Auto Close Time {$ticket_auto_close_time}

Knowledgebase Auto Suggestions {$ticket_kb_auto_suggestions}



Invoice Related

Invoice ID {$invoice_id}

Invoice # {$invoice_num}

Date Created {$invoice_date_created}

Due Date {$invoice_date_due}

Date Paid {$invoice_date_paid}

Invoice Items (Array) {$invoice_items}

Invoice Items HTML {$invoice_html_contents}

Sub Total {$invoice_subtotal}

Tax {$invoice_tax}

Tax Rate {$invoice_tax_rate}

Credit {$invoice_credit}

Total {$invoice_total}

Amount Paid {$invoice_amount_paid}

Balance {$invoice_balance}

Last Payment Amount {$invoice_last_payment_amount}

Last Payment Trans ID {$invoice_last_payment_transid}

Payment Method {$invoice_payment_method}

Payment Link {$invoice_payment_link}

Subscription ID {$invoice_subscription_id}

Status {$invoice_status}

Invoice Link {$invoice_link}

Previous Balance {$invoice_previous_balance}

Total Due Invoices Balance {$invoice_total_balance_due}

Notes {$invoice_notes}




Company Name {$company_name}

Domain {$company_domain}

Logo URL {$company_logo_url}

WHMCS URL {$whmcs_url}

WHMCS Link {$whmcs_link}

WHMCS Admin URL {$whmcs_admin_url}

WHMCS Admin Link {$whmcs_admin_link}

Marketing Unsubscribe URL {$unsubscribe_url}

Signature {$signature}

Full Sending Date {$date}

Full Sending Time {$time}



Conditional Display

You can use conditionals to display text based on other values - for example:


{if $ticket_department eq "Sales"}

Sales only operates Monday-Friday 9am-5pm


Your ticket has been received and will be answered shortly



Looping through data

A foreach loop can be used to cycle through values like invoice items:


{foreach from=$array_data item=data}

{$data.option}: {$data.value}


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