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Checkout page using Firefox issue

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What seems to be happening is that Firefox is seeing the hidden "Existing Customer Login" fields on the checkout page as a required field even if you are a new customer and have not clicked "Already Registered". Therefore, the page won't even attempt to process, just the info bubble ""Please enter an email address".


Any help is greatly appreciated.


A few details:

Firefox 41.0.1

WHMCS 6.1.1


template six

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    • By xnetco
      We've recently moved to Stripe and it's working very well for existing recurring card payments. However existing store credit cards don't appear on the checkout page. Do you know if it's possible to add them or migrate them all over to Stripe?
    • By ShaneP
      Hi All 
      I tried to purchase a hosting package on mt whmcs and when i click the checkout button after filling out my details this error comes up. I have also checked with my payment gateway provider and they say it is whmcs problem. The site which i am referring to is https://skyehost.co.za/client/ I have also attached the error message below.
      If the community could be so kind to help me with this problem.

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      Hi there 
      Been experiencing a strange issue with our WHMCS program.  Nothing has been changed or updated recently, however as of yesterday, when trying to log in to our admin login (using Chrome browser and Edge / IE) I get an error when trying to load the admin page.  This error is also received when trying to load the front end pages such as the carts, knowledge base etc.   These pages were still loading in Firefox yesterday and were working for about an hour this morning, but now Firefox is also giving a time out message and not loading the pages.  
      Chrome error: ERR_TIMED_OUT
      Firefox Error: The server at www.mydomain.com is taking too long to respond.
      Troubleshooting I've done so far: 
      Used SSL checker to diagnose any issues - SSL cert is working 100%
      Tried logging in with just http - still doesn't work 
      Cleared Browser cache multiple times - Still not working 
      Tried connecting from different devices, same issue. 
      Tried connecting with different internet connections, still timing out. 
      Has anyone else had this issue?  Any advice on what I can try further?
      Thanks for your time
    • By Web Host Pro
      We have two credit card processors. One is only for existing customers and one is for new sign ups. I was wondering if we could disable a processor just in the public checkout, but still have it for existing customers that have a product.
      Basically disable a processor in the main checkout, then have it when adding products after the customer has a product.
    • By Web Host Pro
      I normally use Automatically take the user to the invoice, just wondering  which is more common and maybe some feedback on why.
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