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Deleting/Editing Stored Credit Card Details From Client Area

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With the either default theme (six or five) I am unable to delete a stored credit card or edit it. This is in WHMCS 6.1.


If I try to delete a stored credit (Billing->Manage Credit Card) I will get a success message and the page will reload but the credit card is still stored.

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Just to add to this, I can add a credit card if there is no other credit card but I cannot delete or change an existing credit card.

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    • By Rider61
      mew payment gateway activate and begin using it.
      user enters invoice view. chose Payment Method - our integration payment gateway push the button 'Pay Now'. WHMCS prompts you to enter your credit card details!   BUT !! I do not need it!!  I pay by phone number!!!
      how can I remove this menu and immediately transfer the order number and amount to my API payment gateway? thanks for any ideas!!! version 8.0.4
    • By Remitur
      Unusual (and unwanted) behavior from WHMCS, using STRIPE module (but, I guess, it may happen with any other credit card gateway):
      user has no credit card registered user inserts an "add funds" order for 100 shells, but does not pay it; system issues invoice n. 300 (unpaid)  user inserts another "add funds" order for 100 shells, and pay it using credit card; WHMCS process it fine (100 shells credited to the user, invoice 301 (paid) is issued So the invoice # 300 stays unpaid...
      During the main cron /few hours later, during the night) the system process the payment of (still unpaid) invoice n. 300, using the credit card data used few hours before to pay invoice 301 (the credit card data has been registered by Stripe) 
        And so the user did TWO different payments, of the very same amount (one of them unwanted).
      Any idea about how to prevent this behaviour?
    • By tuga
      Hi there,
      Is here a setting or hook that can be changed to disable sending the "Credit Card Payment Failed" email ?
      Thank you.
    • By Gunther77
      I am still testing my WHMCS system to make sure everything works.
      I place an order and get to the checkout, I have three options 
      Paypal seems to be correct
      Debit or Credit card payment - there is a problem here.
      When I select this option it asks for card information and personal information.
      But the menu is long and therefore you need to scroll down to complete it, when you do the system takes you all the way to the bottom of the menu. Which means there are boxes that you cant fill in because they have over shot. When you scroll up the system takes you to the top again.
      Option three - check out - I am not sure why this is on the page.
      I believe the customer should pay before they can submit the order.
      Gunther Wallendorf

    • By steven99
      I am looking for some beta testers to test out a Stripe gateway module out before release.  As this is a beta, early access, bugs are to be expected but it has been running smoothly on our install.  Testers are expected to actually test the module and report any issues or comments.  I am only looking for a few testers with varying amounts of activity and so this is a limited opening.  When the module is released, beta testers will receive a discount on the released version and the beta version will be disabled. 
      If you are interested in beta testing this module, please contact me for further details. 
      Details on the module:
      Uses Stripe.js Elements to collect card info Uses a custom form for card info on both manage credit card and checkout pages Options to force usage of the module if you are switching card gateways Currently supports card payments and not items like Apple Pay. USD currency only supported at this time Offers a one time payment option where the card token is removed from Stripe after usage. 
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