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Transfer '.club' TLDs, doesn't recognize.

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I'm trying to transfer in a .club TLD.


The system doesn't see it as a domain that is registered. I am looking at it in my GoDaddy account.


What can I do to enable the transfer of .club domains? I have been able to transfer .com domains just fine.




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WHMCS doesn't include a GoDaddy module, so you won't be able to manage GoDaddy Domains using WHMCS. However if you transfer it to a registrar for which we do have a module, you can certainly manage the domain through WHMCS:




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    • By WHMCS ChrisD
      Hi everyone,
      Enom has sent the following notification via email to customers who resell .co, .com, .biz, .club, .xyz, .design & .monster regarding increases to costs in these TLDs effective September 1st and a decrease for .abogado & .casa effective the same date 
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      P.S. Have googled/searched for:
      * site:forum.whmcs.com bulkdomains epp
      * site:forum.whmcs.com domainchecker.php?search=bulktransfer
      but found nothing relevant.
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