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Knowledgebase & Announcement SEF URL - WHMCS Addon

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This addon will 301 redirect to the correct Search Engine Friendly URL.



After changing some knowledgebase article's titles, I've noticed that articles can be accessed through old URI as well. Even worse, can be accessed using any URI as long as it has the ID inside the path. Announcements have the same behavior as well.


For example, all URLs below will show the same content:

1: yourdomain.com/knowledgebase/15/Transferring-Your-Domain-from-NameCheapcom.html

2: yourdomain.com/knowledgebase/15/Transfer-your-Domain-from-NameCheap.html

3: yourdomain.com/knowledgebase/15/JUST-ANYTHING.html


This is a extremely negative for SEO as it produce duplicate content.



This addon will fix that by 301 redirecting to the correct Search Engine Friendly URL.


For More Details please visit our WHMCS Addons page.

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    • By DutchieXL
      I have been struggling with this problem for some time now.
      In the file seo.tpl I am using:
      {if $LANG.globalsystemname eq "Portal Home"}
      to edit the seo for the homepage.
      The problem I encounter is that the seo of all the knowledge base articles is also changed into the homepage seo.
      this also happens when I use:
      {if $filename eq "index"}

      At the end of the file I am using:
      <title>{if $kbarticle.title}{$kbarticle.title} - {/if}{$pagetitle} - {$companyname}</title>
      <meta name="description" content="{$kbarticle.text|truncate:210:"..."|strip_tags}" />
      for the kb articles which works perfectly when I disable the homepage seo.
      As soon as I enable the homepage seo with one of the above options the kb articles all get the homepage seo.
      Is there a way to set the homepage seo without affecting the kb articles seo?
      Any help is appreciated.
    • By McAtze
      Hi everybody,
      i found an issue in knowledgebase articles. When is rate one article i get the message "Thanks for rating the article for us", but if i go now to another article it seems that i have rated this article also. This goes with all articles. If i have rated one article, i've rated all articles.
      I have tested this at my installation and also in the whmcs knowledgebase (https://www.whmcs.com/members/index.php/knowledgebase).

    • By talhaarif
      following are the images of a custom addon module for leave apply purpose. in 1st image there are two files with name of 1)leave_module 2)settings.php
      and in 2nd image there is a front end of leave_module.php 
      now what i want is to redirect myself to settings.php after clicking on settings button but i am not sure how to do it also i am new at it so kindly if anyone can help me through this
      Thanks in advance,

    • By Sal
      Hello WHMCS Community, 
      I am Sal, I'm currently working on hosting administration so I am here to share what I know and to learn what I do not. Other things that I work with is Salesforce, Web Design, SEO, Digital Markting, and local phone, tablet and computer repairs!
      I have recently started the implementation of whmcs for my hosting company, I am still debating on many aspects of what is what with WHMCS Software. You may see me posting question about a few things that I need help with on WHMCS, so far my experience has been great and i look forward to making the hosting company a success!
      Thanks for reading!
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