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Display all customers sticky notes on Admin Summary page

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I'm not sure if this has already been done but I use Sticky Notes to record additional work that needs to be invoiced at a later date but kept on forgetting who I'd done extra work for.


So I've created a widget for the Admin Summary page that displays all the Sticky Notes with links through to the Customers Note and also the customer summary.




Just create a new file in modules/widgets and paste this code in. Then head over to Setup > Staff Management > Administrator Roles > Edit and scroll down to Widgets and then tick yours (in this example it's called "Display Customer\'s Sticky Notes".


This was tested in Version: 5.3.11. it works on my install but it if breaks yours or makes the sky fall down, I'm not liable...


# WHMCS Widget to display sticky notes on the Admin Summary
# Hedley Phillips - Digital Essence
if (!defined("WHMCS"))
   die("This file cannot be accessed directly");

function widget_display_sticky_notes() {

$content = '<table bgcolor="#cccccc" align="center" style="margin-bottom:5px;width:100%;" cellspacing="1">
<tr bgcolor="#efefef" style="text-align:center;font-weight:bold;"><td>Customer</td><td>Note</td><td>Modified</td></tr>';

$x=1; $range = "<= 364";
   $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `tblnotes` JOIN tblclients ON tblclients.id=tblnotes.userid  WHERE `sticky` = '1'");
   while ($data = @mysql_fetch_array ($result)) {
	 $noteid = $data["id"];
	 $userid = $data["userid"];
	 $firstname = $data["firstname"];
        $lastname = $data["lastname"];
	 $note = $data["note"];
	 $date = $data["modified"];
       $content .= '<tr bgcolor="#ffffff" style="text-align:center;"><td><a href="/whmcsadmin/clientssummary.php?userid='.$userid.'">'.$firstname. ' ' .$lastname.'</a></td><td><a href="/whmcsadmin/clientsnotes.php?userid='.$userid.'&action=edit&id='.$noteid.'">'.$note.'</a></td><td>'.$date.'</td></tr>'; $x=0;
   if($x) $content =  '<tr bgcolor="#ffffff" style="text-align:center;"><td colspan="7">No Sticky Notes to display</td></tr>';
$content .= '</table>';

   return array( 'title' => 'Display Customer\'s Sticky Notes', 'content' => $content );






What I can't get to work is the edit function.


I'm using:


<a href="/whmcsadmin/clientsnotes.php?userid='.$userid.'&action=edit&id='.$noteid.'">




$noteid = $data["id"];

$userid = $data["userid"];


but it keeps on putting the customer id in both $userid and $noteid and I can't work out why.

Edited by Dgital Essence

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