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support tickets not opening

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Can anyone assist with this issue.

Some support tickets will not display when I try to open them.

This does not happen with all tickets just some.


The error message reads


Cannot redeclare cpanel_metadata() in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/whmcs/modules/servers/cpanel/cpanel.php on line 9


Account name x'ed out for security.


Bj aka Bjantiques aka lcwadminbj

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I am now also getting

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare loadgatewaymodule() in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/whmcs/includes/gatewayfunctions.php on line 14


when client trying to open and view invoice.

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update I have had to put this into support seeing as it was ignored for the most part here in the forum.


Brian thank you for your suggestion. I did not have xCache installed. I tried adding it but it made no difference, so I have removed it again to run more tests following supports advice. One there is a solution i will post what it was.

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It appears that the xCache once removed solved the issues although I was advised to disable all non WHMCS addon modules as well.


I asked what PHP accelerators could be used and this was the reply.


WHMCS does not officially support any PHP accelerators. If you find one that works for your installation then you're more than welcome to use it, however we're unable to provide support for any issues that result due to its use. This would make a great feature request though. We we welcome feature requests on our Request System



So I have opened a feature request which you will find at



Go and add your vote for it if you want to see WHMCS work with the popular PHP accelerators.




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