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Send Emails from Modules

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I'm looking for a way to send an email using the internal email system of WHMCS but to outside email addresses from a module. I have looked at the API calls:

Send Email

Send Admin Email


But those do not allow me to specify to what email address I want to send to. I am not sending to an admin or to a customer. This is a custom internal module for sending support to our DC techs, hence there is no admin user.


So I need to specify the to email and preferably the from email.

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i believe this is not possible using sendEmail, sendAdminEmail APIs, you may create your own function using PHPMailer and SMTP info from DB to send emails to whatever email address you want to.


if you need help with it, just ask ;)

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Eww, that's an idea, I never thought about that.


I've used PHPMailer before, but what is the class in WHMCS that I am using to create a new PHPMailer object?

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Hi sentq,


We have a similar issue. Can you please take a look at it here:



We would like to use phpmailer because the sendadminemail function don`t deliver every time mails, and it have delay of minutes.

i looked at your thread, you can't send messages to external email addresses, as i suggested before in this thread you need to create your own function using PHPmailer (included by default in all WHMCS versions) WHMCS use it to send emails out

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