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Transliteration During Domain Validation and Register

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what i'm trying to accomplish is replace some characters (აბც) with some english ones and vise versa.

I've tried 2 ways to do that - both failed.


First of all i tried by making a hook



Unfortunatelly inside my main function - i cannot neither get the client information neither return it.


function hook_transliterate($vars) {

$firstname= $vars["params"]["firstname"];

$domain = $vars["params"]["domain"];


return str_replace("a char","b char",$firstname");



$firstname is nothing - and of course my return is not working as well.


Then i tried to do a Transliteration hook , so i made a hooks.php file and placed it in /www/whmcs/hooks/transliterate.php



My code is :


function hook_transliterate($string) {

$string = str_replace("a","w",$string);

$string = str_replace("b","v",$string);

return $string;


add_hook("Transliteration",1,"hook_transliterate") ;



Unfortunatelly it seems is never triggers.



Then I tried



hook activates every time when domain availability checking running but, i want to transliterate this string and return to client input as different characters for ex: abc = აბც . it would be great to save in DB also like these. Any help will be appreciated.



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