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Different Invoice Generation Date Based on Gateway used?

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Hello, I've submitted a feature request....but wholy hanna, it starts with 1 vote and will likely sit at the bottom for years! I'm looking for some guidance on how others handle this situation.


We are moving to WHMCS from another system. Currently we have about 20% of our customers who send in checks. Naturally we would choose the "Mail IN Payment" as their gateway.


The settings for how many days before the expiration date is set for 7. That's almost enough time for them to get the checks in before they get the past due notice, but if we change it to 14....then the 80% of our customers who pay with CC will start getting invoices much earlier than they are used to (for 15 years, our old system we are converting from would generate the invoice on the day it was due and charge it).


How is everyone else handling this invoice generation? Should we just put it at 14 to prevent the 20% from getting past due notices and explain to the 80% CC customers why they get an invoice early?


Ideally, having the option to change WHEN the invoice is generated per gateway would be perfect, but it seems this has not been needed by most.

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