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please help me to resolve problem with NL domains

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Could you help me or maybe anybody have the same issue with Nl domain.

I have activated resellerclub to register domains. And it works perfect with .com domains but does not work with Nl domains.

I am waiting the resolving a problem from resellerclub and from WHMCS support more than one month. Their support is unhelpful.

Here is the last answers of support:

WHMCS says:

"I can confirm that WHMCS does add a contact for nl domains and does for all types of domains. I have reviewed the document you supplied and this appears to be correct with what WHMCS is doing. I would suggest passing the module debug John provided previously to assist ResellerClub with this (They may not be aware we are passing this and looking in the wrong place)"


ResellerClub says:

" When you register a .NL domain through WHMCS panel, the customer information that you feed for associating with the domain needs to be synced with our System in order to complete the registration process.

The WHMCS system is not passing this information to our system due to which the domain registration for .NL domain is failing. Also the Domain Module in WHMCS panel is been developed by them and we will not be able to debug the information for you.

I would request you to kindly try and register the domain from the supersite that we provide you with and if you still face an issue from the supersite then please provide us with the screen shot of the error and your Reseller Account PIN to place the order for you from your Reseller Panel."


Please help me! Anyone is registering NL zone through resellerclub?

I would be very grateful for any help in this matter.

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Open your additionaldomainfields.php file located in whmcsroot/includes/ and search for $additionaldomainfields[".nl"][]


Copy/paste the whole code for .nl here so we can see what you have set up.


Additionally, provide the debug log:


1. You need to activate first the module debug in Utilities -> Logs -> Module log

2. Then goto the domain details in your admin area and click the button "register".

3. Then go back to the module log and copy/paste the API Call request and response for register the .nl domain




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