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Tutorial: How to replace Payment Gateways (e.g Paypal) text with image or logo (Updated July 2018)

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19 minutes ago, brian! said:

that doesn't necessarily mean it's legit.... if you buy a stolen car, that doesn't make it your car!

at the very best, it's been customised and so any hook might not necessarily work in the same way.... more likely if it's the company that i'm thinking of, they will have just installed it fir you and told you to come here with any issues.

I can see you're using it, but that won't tell me if you bought it (nor do I care) - I might double check with them tomorrow, but even if you did buy the theme, that doesn't make the WHMCS install legit.

it's your install - YOU are the one with the potentially dodgy license - and liable for any consequences.

yes - you could edit the template and do it... i'll let you find the old post where I mentioned how to do that.

I won't be replying to any of your posts.

You're totally correct. Since there are many resellers, i never thought that the ones who sold it to me and installed it have installed a pirated version.

You may ask Jack whom I bought the theme from. I am not into pirated stuff. On the contrary, i always support the developers.

I understand you not replying to any of my posts. If I knew it is a pirated version, i wouldn't have published my url to the public.

But thank you for informing me so that I can go back to the resellers.

Have a good day.

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Hello, Nice to meet you

I have a problems for integrate Direct debit  payment method in payment gateway of WHMCS Admin site.  Also card payment have to take the initial payment 

 Also on the order process can make them complete a Direct debit and then take a card payment for the initial payment? Because they will need to pay for the initial payment first and then on going payments will be by direct debit

 I would need to add the function of setting up a Direct Debit via GoCardless as well as taking the initial payment during the signup process

Who can help me

Let me know about that I am a stranger on WHMCS.

Please let me know that

Thanks for your kindly.

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    • By hamza.cb
      We are using WHMCS for billing our customers. Our customers are reporting us an issue related to payment through credit card(stripe) without registering.
      An error occurred of an invalid date. 
      BUT when they register and we send them a custom invoice, then the same credit card is working for them.

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      i want to integrate new third party method i fowled the documentation and the payment is redirect back to the success link but the invoice id is always zero knet.php 

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      i'm try to add new payment method "third party " it's ok i added to thw whmcs also the payment is redirected to the payment portal but when it's come back i get error

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      It doesn't matter what payment method you use. It can be PayPal, Stripe, Skrill or Credit Card. The typical gateway charges absurdly high fees to manage your money. Billing Extension helps you saving up to 18% on transaction fees but such costs can be lowered even further.
      Let's face it. In an ideal world we would be receiving money just with Bank Transfer (aka Wire Transfer) since it doesn't cost you anything. The following hook can be used to force the most convenient gateway you have depending on invoice balance. For example if invoice balance >= 1000 euro force banktransfer. Let's do some math.
      PayPal charges 3.4% + 0.35 € per transaction meaning that receiving 1000 € costs you 35.35 € Let's suppose on a yearly basis you receive 10 payments of 1000 € At the end of the year you gave to PayPal 353.5 € With this hook you can keep this money for you. As if it wasn't enough, the hook can be customized to force the payment gateway depending on customers' country. For example you can use the hook just for specific countries (eg. IT, FR, DE) and/or European Union. Don't worry about multiple currencies. The script automatically handles currency conversion when needed.
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      Hello everyone
      Can you help me something on this please.
      In my invoice list I have changed the button name from Unpaid to Make-Payment. Because what I want is when my customer click on this make payment button it will be take them direct to payment page instead of viewinvoice page..
      Because I have put a button to download the pdf invoice so my customer can download the pdf invoice if they want to see it.
      But I really need to skip the viewinvoice page. 
      So if I have PayPal as a payment method for that invoice then when client click on that Make-Payment button it will be take them to PayPal directly.
      Can someone help me with the code in the template file.
      Thanks a million in advance
      Please see the current invoice list page

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