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PUSH Alerts, Client Area Notifications, Bandwidth Emails & Framework!

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We're back!


After focussing our business on custom development for our customers, we have now establish the foundation and dedicated the time to creating great modules for the WHMCS Addon Market.


We have re-branded our WHMCS addon sales as Bluetip Software, which some of you may already know of. Selling addons from our previous web hosting site just wasn't good enough.


Our new site and client area has been custom coded, based on WHMCS to give you all you need to know about your addons.


We're coming back to the party with three re-written modules, entirely from scratch, all using our brand new Shark Framework! This allows us to write modules faster and more consistently.


All of our new modules are 100% Open Source and One Time Payments Only.


No more subscriptions! Existing users of our previous modules, please contact us and we will arrange a discounted upgrade for you.





Formerly 'Alert Client'


More Information: http://www.bluetipsoftware.com/whmcs-modules/informer/


This module lets you post alerts to your customers directly from your admin area. With Informer, you can now filter and choose exactly who receives these notifications:


  • Target users on certain servers
  • Users with certain services, either a mixture or all Active, Suspended + all the other status options in WHMCS
  • Clients with certain domain extensions / TLDs, either Active, Pending, Expired and the rest.


This module allows you to fine grain control which users can see the alerts, it is very powerful.


Buy Now: $25 One Time - OPEN SOURCE




Resource Mailer

Formerly 'Bandwidth Mailer'


More Information: http://www.bluetipsoftware.com/whmcs-modules/resource-mailer/


Resource Mailer will allow you to send pre-defined messages to your customers as and when they reach their disk and bandwidth resources.


You can set up *unlimited* rules for messages to be sent, ie a 50% Bandwidth Usage message, an 80% and a 110% one.


These rules can be set to only check certain products, the service status - It can also ignore certain clients and client groups.


Rules can either be set on values (ie 50MB,) or percentages, (ie 80%). This is completely customisable.


Resource Mailer can send mail based on both disk space and bandwidth usage.


Buy Now: $25 One Time - OPEN SOURCE





Formerly 'Prowl for WHMCS'


More Information: http://www.bluetipsoftware.com/whmcs-modules/pusher/


Send PUSH alerts to your iPhone or Android devices directly from WHMCS!


Pusher not only supports mobile devices, but it can also support HipChat for team and small/medium sized business collaboration.


Pusher is capable of the following:


  • Alerts on new tickets
  • New ticket replies
  • Alerts on orders
  • *NEW* Notify alerts of UNANSWERED TICKETS. If a ticket has been in the queue for 15 mins (user defined), it can send you a notification to any or all of your devices.
  • Can email you instead of PUSH alerts. So when a ticket has been unanswered for a certain amount of time, it can send you an email.
  • 100% Module Based with development module. You can create your own modules to work with your own systems. An example module is provided to get you started. Don't forget the entire module is open source too!
  • Supports a large range of merge fields to create your custom messages from.
  • Conditional Alerts - Pusher can choose to only send an alert if you want it to, ie tickets in a certain department, priority, order value, client, currency and many more!


Buy Now: $25 One Time - OPEN SOURCE




A huge thank you to all of our existing customers who have made this a reality. If you are an existing customer and are interested in upgrading to one of our new modules - please contact us via email: support@bluetipsoftware.com

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Pusher features missing.

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I am trying to contact Bluetip Software for a long time and nobody answer tickets or emails. Anyone know what is happening?

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We're facing the same problem. Our support ticket from July is unanswered until today.


Anybody from the UK can give them a call? The number listed in their website is: +44(0) 1637 222001


EDIT: It looks like you opened another thread here: https://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?80539-PUSH-Alerts-Client-Area-Notifications-Bandwidth-Emails-amp-Framework!

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Yep, I would say, be careful with BlueTip at this time.

Bought resource mailer, doesn't function at all so we opened a support ticket on the 16th of March 2018 .... no response at all yet

Not good practice at all

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