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I used WHM Import Script, it worked, but now I would also like to import domains for those WHM users. We use reseller club for domains.


I tried the free 3rd party mod RC tools v2 and it's a bit buggy and you need to import RC users first, since i already have my users set up it just got too complicated.


Other option would be to create a domain order one by one, but not ideal.


Any idea or tip?



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Having only just got into WHMCS in the last week or so, we're facing the same question. We use eNom and TPP Internet for our domain name registrations and renewals - several hundred in each. To have to add them all manually, one by one, into WHMCS will be a major pain.


'Perfect' would be to create a permanent sync between eNom and WHMCS, so if any domains are added in eNom they will be pulled into WHMCS each time the sync cron job runs. These domains would be flagged as "unassigned" to any client, thereby requiring an WHMCS admin to do so manually.


Any ideas anyone?

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