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WHMCS for non hosting business.

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Anybody using WHMCS for non hosting business, for example computer suppliers?


We sell and support computer hardware and software, and we need a system to manage our maintenance contracts with our customers, where the recurring invoicing based on the products is a must, and then support tickets for the contracted products.


Any idea will be appreciated.



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Nothing to stress over, WHMCS is fully capable of running such a set up.


You would require a heavily modified template set but in theory it is possible yes. there are many features you would need to disable, domain registrations.


You would then need to set up the products, This is easily done, the main thing is having your template made so it reflects your business profile of a company selling something rather than leasing something which is basically what hosting is about.


This would mean a major overhaul of the language files as they would definitely not fit your needs, they are very website hosting orientated being that it what the software is for.


Thats the long answer.


Short Answer:: Hell yeah


I would have to say to you in this case, speak to the developers, they might be willing to knock you up a modifed version, and i know they do provide a customistation service.


@Matt... I want a comission :) and thanks for the help with my troubles lol

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