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WHMCS module needed | Server provisioning | Restful API

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We would like to hire a professional developer to develop a WHMCS module to allow both admin and customers to manage our servers and virtual machines.


We are speaking French and English. Need someone easy to communicate with.


The API functions are complete and very well documented on the side of our partner-supplier of the API side (which will be release to the developper upon bid approval).


This is a “RestFull” API-type which is one of the easiest API-type to program. A "RESTfull" API-type works via SQL "Post" and "Get". Exemple: GET: http://USERID:PASSWORD(at)restfull.domain.com/server/list


Here is an example of basic usage, to demonstrate the ease of communication with the API:


$rreq = new RestRequest(“/server/view/{$serverid}”);


$response = $rreq→getResponse();



Module must allow complete management of Private and Cloud and Dedicated servers.


The module should make it possible for administrators (in the admin interface of WHMCS) and clients (in the normal WHMCS client area) to manage different aspects of virtual servers.


1. Get the list of virtual machines (listed by host) /

2 see list of available physical servers (on our website)

2. Restart a virtual machine / physical server

3. See the basic information of a virtual machine / physical server configuration

4. See the public and private networks information (IP addresses, if applicable)

5. See the list of services purchased with a virtual machine / physical server

6. Restart a virtual machine in Bailout (Rescue) / bring it back to normal mode

7. Stop and start a virtual machine / physical server

8. Reinstall the operating system on a virtual machine / physical server

9. See the progress chart of the installation of a virtual machine / physical server currently supply by means of a progress bar graph (%)

10. See the list of operating systems and all snapshots that were created by a client, or that are available to him.

11. Create a new virtual machine / physical server

12. Create a snapshot of a virtual machine / physical server

13. Edit memory, disk space, the number of cpu units, password and hostname of a virtual machine

14. Delete a virtual machine / physical server - two confirmation popups should appear. In one of them, one must be written with "I confirm to be aware that data cannot be recovered due to this action. I understand that this action is irreversible."

15. Allow management of Firewall : list, create, delete and edit the firewall rules

16. Add, list and edit the software licenses (such as cPanel)

17. List, add, edit, deploy an application to the "marketplace". The marketplace is english spoken. Administrators must be able to translate the existing elements information, and select the components to make them available to customers, upon verification there of them.

18. See the statistical charts related to the use of a virtual machine

19. View log of actions / problems related to the various actions taken on virtual / physical servers

20. In the whmcs admin area, we need to be able to add the ip of the customer r1soft server + the login and password. On the customer side, the customer should be able to click a button to get redirected (by using the post method) to the r1soft server url (we will provide an example of the link)

21. A slider must be available on our website (external to whmcs) to let the customer customize he's public cloud instance.


Administrators must be able to assign permissions related to the module. For example: an administrator Level 1 should not be able to delete a server if we decide he shouldn't. WHMCS by default includes all functions to achieve this


On the client side, the customer must be able to assign contact to he's components.


The module must be easy to install. You must provide instructions for configuration.


Development Tools: We can provide the developer with a WHMCS license, Complete API Documentation API sandbox, and a development platform (cPanel server).




To clarify a bit more :


The feature 2 and 21 must be available on our website, no within whmcs. Theses need to work using the internal WHMCS API.


The customer must be able to manage he's virtual machines memory and hard disk using sliders.


We need to be able to decide if we want auto provisioning, when the API allow us to automatically create the vm's.


The module must use https everywhere.


Knowledge of security relative to coding and strong experience with WHMCS is needed.


Every forms must have validation to prevent injection.

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We will be glad to develope the provisioning addon for you, we have been developing WHMCS addons since 2010 and can provide you with a high quality custom development and clean code.

I sent you a PM but if you have any question, feel free to contact us at https://whmcsmod.com .

Best regards 

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If you still need help please contact us  here for custom WHMCS Development

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If you are still in the need of the specified solution, we will be more than happy to use our extensive expertise in this field, and implement it for you. Feel free to reach our advisors at any time to discuss our custom software development services in detail.

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