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Multi-currency, 1 product with fixed currency

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Hi all, before all, sorry if this isn't the right place for post it. If is not, please, move it.


I am trying to do a thing, i wanted to know if is there some way for do that. Now, i have in my WHMCS as base currency, USD (because above me, is all in USD). As second currency, i have ARS (because where i more sell, is in Argentina), with a fixed exchange rate (for not change every day, the prices of the products, and because i can keep the prices for a long time). Now my question: I have a product, that i only want to sell in USD. Is there some way (some custom setting, mod, plugin, or similar) that let me do that? If i don't set the price in the other currencies, the product is not available for these customers that don't have USD as currency (the most part).

For what i see, doesn't look like if the core supports this, but only in case, i ask for see if i can fix it.


Thank you in advance, any comment is welcome,



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It's necessary to specify a price in all currencies, there isn't an option to make a product available in only one currency.

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Hide the product (and group if it's the only one in the group), so it cannot just be "ordered" and then anywhere you want people to buy it fro, you can at least specify the CCY as part of the URL (although they'll be able to change it)


Then set the price in ARS to be enough to retire on :D

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