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Stop Billable Item invoices being sent automatically on generation.

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Is there any way of stopping billable items sending the invoice to the Client that is generated from multiple lines.


I now use the billable items to save Software/Service/expenses etc... work being done for clients and at then end of a week/fortnight/month select the lines I want to bill and Invoice them.


BUT the problem that is uncounted here is that it then automatically sends the invoice to the client without giving me the option to review the generated invoice as normally I would like to put an explanation on the first invoice line as to what these charges are!


How can I stop it sending this generated invoice and allow me to manually send it?

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i'm also interested in preventing the "billable items" generated invoice automatically being sent to the client.


in my case, i would like to modify the due date to a future date before the invoice is sent.



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Take a look at http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?t=35499


This hook gives you the ability to set the due date as X days from generation. It works brilliantly.


It doesn't stop the email being sent immediately but I would imagine that might be something that can be added relatively easily.

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Graham - Can second (or third?) that motion!


We have been using this feature before, and in v5 it seems that the email is getting sent again automatically. I would love it to be either an option, or turned off completely.


Alternatively - if a billable item is set to "add to next invoice" then when manually generating an invoice it does not add the items! If we had a way of adding the billable items while IN an invoice that would be brilliant.


On that note - our main issue is that when an client has minor billable items added by one of our staff, we only want to add them to the next major invoice we create. The main problem we are trying to solve is that when creating invoices for a client there is no way to know if there are billable items present without checking each time. If there was a visual cue (like a coloured button/flag) on the invoice creation page when there are billable items present it would be perfect. If an option by that button had the effect of adding them to the invoice currently being created it would be perfect!


My 2c humbly submitted.

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It would be great if WHMCS would just add a checkbox to send the invoice created email when generating an invoice from the billable items screen, but for now here is a quick way to get around this.


For each billable item you would like to add to the invoice, edit it and set the invoice action to Invoice on Next Cron Run.


Then on the client summary page, click on Generate Due Invoices and say no to "Do you want to send the invoice notification emails immediately after generation?". WHMCS will then generate the invoice for the billable items and it will not send the invoice created email.


You can then edit the invoice and manually send the invoice created email.

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