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Found 9 results

  1. when any clinet search domain then showing error Client Side: Oops somethings went wrong System log WHOIS Lookup Error for 'khobor24x7.in': error detail unknown please help to fix. Thanks
  2. nimonogi

    New gTLDs Whois Server

    Here is a Whois Server list of the publicly available New gTLDs. Simply edit /includes/whoisservers.php and add the following at the bottom: .equipment|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .gallery|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .graphics|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .lighting|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .photography|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .directory|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .technology|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .today|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .bike|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .clothing|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .guru|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .plumbing |whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .singles|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .camera|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .estate|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .construction|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .contractors|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .kitchen|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .land|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .enterprises|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .holdings|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .ventures|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .diamonds|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .voyage|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .photos|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .shoes|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .careers|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found .recipes|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found
  3. Hi, I need some help with a custom page I have created. I have created a new custom page named whois (created with whoislookup.tpl and whoislookup.php), where I have put the code for the bulk search from bulkdomainchecker.tpl. The page is actually a copy of bulkdomaintransfer.tpl, but with different name and php file. I want to use it as a whois search, so the client searches for a registered domain and the results display the domain with the WHOIs button. My problem is that I can't make the page display any domain information. I have tried to include files from the feeds folder but nothing. Every element related to domain (domain results, pricing table etc) is empty. How can I make it work and display the results in this page? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I have problem with specific zone (.net.mk). When I'm checking for domain example.net.mk I get message "The domain is already registered", but the domain isn't registered, it's free. In whoisservers.php there is record for this zone. My current WHMCS version is 5.3.14. Some suggestion?
  5. UWH - David

    Whois Lookup

    I seem to be oblivious to this. How can a client perform a whois lookup with our system? Not a domain available check, a whois. With domainchecker.php is simply indicates if the domain is available or not. Thank you!
  6. theman777

    .swiss whois question

    Hi, i was wondering if any body can help me, with correct code line for .swiss domains in whoisservers.php. Support told me to use this line: .swiss|whois.crsnic.net|No match for But that does not work. Means all the domains are free. even nic.swiss thanks for your help
  7. Hello, When I do a domain lookup it keeps hanging. So I checked the logs and see WHOIS lookup Error: 101 - Network is unreachable. Any thoughts? -Brian
  8. Give the ability to your clients/users to make remote domain searches / whois, get your pricing table and your supported tld list with secure API. They can now EASILY integrate their apps /sites with your WHMCS and this can lead to domain registrations. Default Response format is JSON, but it can act as WHOIS Server for other WHMCS. Some Key features 1) NO administrator username or password is required! 2) NO IP White-list for remote API required so it's secured from being use other functions! It uses local API. 3) Request limit per second/minute/hour/day limit 4) Clients can change the IPs of API Key Access from client-area 5) White-label documents for your company to able to brand with your own logo. 6) PHP Examples included and FREE complete working scripts: AJAX Domain Checker: PHP Standalone | Joomla Module 1.5/2.5/3.x 7) Multi-Language Ability to include your own API commands! READ MORE
  9. The domain additional fields are not editable anymore from WHMCS after upgrading to 5.0.7. It shows as editable, it says the modification has been saved but it doesn't save it. I had to modify it from phpmyadmin. thanks

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