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Found 3 results

  1. This post is about how you can manage your licence plans upgrades or downgrades, according to the number of clients you currently have. As you know, our licence plans are tiered on the number of clients manageable on a single installation and, should your client count increase or decrease over time, there is no need to purchase a new licence in a different tier. Firstly, an active client is defined as one with at least one active or suspended product, service, add-on or domain and clients are considered as active regardless of how overdue their unpaid invoices are. As an administrator of your WHMCS instance, you can count your active clients in 2 ways: Navigate to Clients > View/Search Clients > Search/Filter > Select Active from the Status drop-down list and then click Search. The number of records found is your active clients count. Navigate to Help > License Information. You will see several details pertaining your license key including the number of active clients and your actual tier limit. By default WHMCS will automatically manage your services and clients so that you're always getting paid for services provided, and your licence is within the correct tier. This can be switched off by an administrator, we'd recommend reviewing the How to Manage your Active Client Count topic if you suspect these features have been disabled and your active client count may be higher than expected. You can request a change of tier for no upfront cost at any time during the month, whether it be an upgrade or downgrade. You will start receiving invoices with the new price from the next billing cycle. Just open a ticket to submit a Change of License Tier request to our Customer Services. While you are approaching your actual client limit a notification in your admin area will remind you about the upgrade needed in order to keep having access to the clients record above the limit. Once the limit is reached, a further notification will be shown and you can upgrade to the next tier by clicking on the Upgrade Now button: Simply follow the shopping cart process through to complete your order. From the next Due Date, you will start receiving invoices for the corresponding new amount. If you have a PayPal subscription setup for paying for your licence you will need to cancel it as soon as possible from your PayPal dashboard, to avoid any further payments for the previous amount being automatically sent to us. You can setup a new subscription when your next invoice is generated. A subscription can be cancelled up until the day before the next scheduled payment by following these steps: Login to your PayPal account and navigate to the Settings page Select your Preapproved Payments under "Payment settings" You will find WHMCS ltd as the merchant to select and cancel Click Cancel Profile to confirm That's it your licence tier has been changed! To provide WHMCS users with the best experience possible, if you exceed the client limit for your current licence, you will be upgraded automatically to the immediate next available license tier by default. This ensures smooth uninterrupted use of the product. If you wish to opt-out of this, you can do so from your Client Area. After logging in, just navigate to License Upgrade Settings from the top right menu: From there, Automatic Tier Upgrades can be disabled by toggling the switch to the Off position: If you choose to opt-out, you will be required to upgrade manually when you reach the client limit imposed by your current licence, by submitting a ticket to Customer Services. When the limit is exceeded, rest assured that no public or client-facing functionality is changed; clients will still be able to order and use their client area as normal. However in the admin area any clients above that limit will not be accessible and will appear grayed out. If you have any questions about your licence tier or changing it, our friendly customer service team are standing by to help: https://www.whmcs.com/submit-a-ticket/
  2. I don´t assume this is a bug, but I bet the following behaviour is widely unknown: We have a hostingproduct configured for € 0.00 monthly (could not use "free" as we need to offer free domain for that and that is not possible with the free option, but it is possible when set the pricing to zero) Now a customer made an upgrade to a paid hosting package 1 day after ordering the free one. Instead of billing €12/anually which is the correct price for the upgrade, the paypal subscription created the following: Trial 2016-02-03 until 2016-03-02 (28 days): € 0.92 Anually begin 2016-03-02: € 12,-- Client got an invoice of only € 0.92 ! I pulled my hair about where the trial period comes but then it was clear... because he ordered the free product (which was priced at 0.00) for one month, he got a partial invoice for the rest of the old package runtime (28 days) and the rest will be billed after that. I´am curious if he will be billed €12 - €0.92 (which would be correct, product runtime is one year...) or maybe the full €12 (as announced in the paypal subscription statement) At least it is bad that this is announced as "trial period" in the paypal statement (because this implies the right for cancellation) Michael
  3. Hello, We have a customer with a hosting package that includes 10GB of bandwidth. They also have 10GB upgrade they are paying for providing a total allowance of 20GB. They consumed a total of 39GB, and were billed for 29GB of bandwidth at the rate setup for the product under overages & billing. WHMCS indicates that the system does not calculate/include any upgrades when calculating the overage fee's. This sounds entirely strange. You would think if they are paying for 20GB total, it would have only billed them for 19GB overage, but that's not how it works. How is everyone else dealing with this? We use the Plesk module.
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