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Found 4 results

  1. Following a question from @Mauwiks... natively in WHMCS, there is no way to do this - but with the help of the attached hook, it is possible - just upload the hook to /includes/hooks the hook currently includes EIGHT different parameter options - I can think of at least 4 more options that I could add, and may do so at a later date, but I think 8 is plenty to be going on with. 🙂 note: the addon's ID value can be found when in the URL when you edit that product addon in the admin area - configaddons.php?action=manage&id=1 Linking to one specific product addon cart.php?gid=addons&id=1 Linking to Market Connect product addons by brand cart.php?gid=addons&id=codeguard cart.php?gid=addons&id=sitelock cart.php?gid=addons&id=spamexperts cart.php?gid=addons&id=ssl cart.php?gid=addons&id=weebly these addons are found by the hook searching whether specific terms are found at the START of the product addon descriptions, e.g Codeguard etc Linking to multiple product addons cart.php?gid=addons&multi[]=1&multi[]=32&multi[]=54 Linking to a predefined group of product addons cart.php?gid=addons&id=group1 $group1 is a predefined array of product addon IDs that you can edit in the hook.. $group1 = array(12,28,20); you could, in theory, have multiple groups (arrays of addon IDs) predefined in the hook, but it's currently only coded for 1 group - but it would be simple enough to change. if you pass a numeric addon ID value that doesn't exist for the particular client, then you'll get the no addons available error message... ... I did toy with the idea of showing all addons under those circumstances, but I decided against it for now - not least because it keeps the coding simplified! 😉 if you pass an undefined non-numeric id, e.g cart.php?gid=addons&id=brian, then there is nothing for the hook to remove and it will show all addons as per normal. you can only use one parameter option in a URL - e.g., you can't use cart.php?gid=addons&id=43&multi[]=32 addons_mauwiks.php
  2. Hi, I'm try to use Product Addons. It's nice feature for example add other product in main product. But look like this missing something like "Resend Product Addons Welcome Email", at this time, we can only "Resend Product Welcome Email" but not Addons. see: https://docs.whmcs.com/Products_Management#Resending_Product_Welcome_Email In my case, sometimes we update custom fields in Product Addons, but we can't resend this information by email to client. Any suggest how to do it? look like this is something missing for this product addons.
  3. Not sure what happened to the previous thread I had created, is there perhaps a moderation that doesn't publish threads until reviewed? If yes, sorry for posting twice. However I am facing the next issues with product addons billing cycles 1). Old product addon prices are marked as Annually, if I activate monthly cycle and set a value, upon saving the changes the Monthly cycles gets disabled automatically and the value assigned to Monthly gets applied to the Annually cycle. 2). From client side panel, if navigating to Available Product Addons, the addons prices that have only Annually billing cycles are labeled as Monthly: http://prntscr.com/fcrnwz - setup: http://prntscr.com/fcrrax Can anyone else confirm these bugs or is it just me and my setup? Thank you
  4. Hi, I'm trying to understand how to setup Configurable options and Product addons. This is what I'm trying to achieve: I already have 3 hosting plans and I don't want to add more of them. On each plan there is fixed size of disk space. I would like to give option to users to be able to increase disk space without upgrading the hosting plan (on highest pan that wouldn't be even possible). With my understanding I should use "Configurable options" rather than "Product addons" (as per: http://docs.whmcs.com/Addons_and_Configurable_Options) So I did: 1) Created Group "Disk space" 2) Assigned products (hosting plans) to it 3) Created Option title "Additional disk space" 4) Added 2 options "2GB" and "5GB", selected them as Drop down, and provided prices. 5) In each product double checked that Configurable options are selected (configproducts.php?action=edit&id=2#tab5) Now if I login as customer and go Services & Products (clientarea.php?action=productdetails&id=28) at the bottom I can see "Configurable Options" but I'm not able to change anything there. It already shows my lowest option "2GB" and the price. So now I have 2 questions: A) Are there any settings I forgot about? B) My server is based on WHM/cPanel and if you order new hosting plan from WHMCS than is automatically set up. How to setup WHM/cPanel and & WHMCS to made those "Configurable Options" automatic ?
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