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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. I've been trying this for a couple days and stuck. I am trying to add a custom function in WHMCS, by creating a file `addstripecard.php`, the idea is based on a given customer token (something like `cus_1GPkTFJEegxX3y3c123456`) and then try to attach it to a card. The custom function is accessed from an API. First, I'm trying to access the Stripe library, by using these commands : ``` $gateway = new \WHMCS\Module\Gateway(); $gateway->load("stripe") ``` PS: the codes were taken from `https://github.com/WHMCSCare/WHMCS-7.8.0-decoded/blob/e7446479de49a28c8801d4c0c95f4cae22dcff33/modules/gateways/stripe/lib/StripeController.php` But, after running the above commands, I got this error message : ``` FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: [WHMCS Application] ERROR: TypeError: Argument 2 passed to WHMCS\Api\ApplicationSupport\Http\ResponseFactory::factory() must be of the type array, string given, called in /www/xxxxxx.xxx/billing/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Api/ApplicationSupport/Route/Middleware/HandleProcessor.php on line 0 and defined in /www/xxxxxx.xxx/billing/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Api/ApplicationSupport/Http/ResponseFactory.php:0 Stack trace: #0 /www/xxxxxx.xxx/billing/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Api/ApplicationSupport/Route/Middleware/HandleProcessor.php(0): WHMCS\Api\ApplicationSupport\Http\ResponseFactory::factory(Object(WHMCS\Api\ApplicationSupport\Http\ServerRequest), '{"legacyGateway...') #1 /www/xxxxxx.xxx/billing/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Route/Middleware/Strategy/DelegatingMiddlewareTrait.php(0): WHMCS\Api\ApplicationSupport\Route\Middleware\HandleProcessor->_process(Object(WHMCS\Api\ApplicationSupport\Http\ServerRequest), Object(Middlewares\Utils\Delegate)) #2 /www/dat" while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: xxxxxx.xxx, request: "POST /billing/includes/api.php HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock:", host: "xxxxxx.xxx.net" ``` Full codes: ``` <?php if (!defined("WHMCS")) { die("This file cannot be access directly!"); } function addStripeCard() { // card parameters $cardNumber = $_POST['cardnumber']; $cardExpiryDate = $_POST['cardexpirydate']; $remoteToken = $_POST['remotetoken']; $billingContactId = $_POST['billingcontactid']; $description = $_POST['description']; $cardType = $_POST['cardtype']; $cardStartDate = $_POST['cardstartdate']; $cardIssueNumber = $_POST['cardissuenumber']; $clientId = $_POST['clientid']; try { $gateway = new \WHMCS\Module\Gateway(); $gateway->load("stripe") return json_encode($gateway); } catch (Exception $e) { $error = [ 'result' => 'error', 'message' => $e->getMessage(), 'file' => $e->getFile(), 'line' => $e->getLine(), ]; return $error; } } try { $data = addStripeCard(); $apiresults = $data; } catch (Exception $e) { $error = [ 'result' => 'error', 'message' => $e->getMessage(), 'file' => $e->getFile(), 'line' => $e->getLine(), ]; $apiresults = $error; } ``` Does anyone have a clue on what's going on? I've tried googling many times, but couldn't find any answers.
  2. Getting error 500 when trying to access todo lists. Seems to be happening after the update to 7.5.1. ./admin/todolist.php was encoded by the ionCube Encoder for PHP 5.6 and cannot run under PHP 7.1 or later." Host: CentOS6.9 nginx + FPM php 7.1.16 + ionCube Loader 10.1.0 The original installation 7.2.x was running on php5.6.35 + iCL6.0.7, and I think this is where the issue is coming from. Is it possible ./admin/todolist.php wasn't updated with 7.5.1?
  3. Hello We are running shortly our WHMCS installation 7.2.3 with Nginx, php-fpm 7.0 and almost all is running well. but we had a problem with the knowledgebase which was not reachable anymore over https://whmcsurl/knowledgebase after installing some nginx rules like here posted we can again open the knowledgebase like https://whmcsurl/knowledgebase. but now the search is not working ( 404 not found). the question is now if someone has working nginx rules or can help with the problem? # Announcements rewrite ^/announcements/([0-9]+)/[a-zA-Z0-9-]+.html$ /./announcements.php?id=$1 last; rewrite ^/announcements$ /./announcements.php last; # Downloads rewrite ^/downloads/([0-9]+)/([^/]*)$ /./downloads.php?action=displaycat&catid=$1 last; rewrite ^/downloads$ /./downloads.php last; # Knowledgebase rewrite ^/knowledgebase/([0-9]+)/[a-zA-Z0-9-]+.html$ /./knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=$1 last; rewrite ^/knowledgebase/([0-9]+)/([^/]*)$ /./knowledgebase.php?action=displaycat&catid=$1 last; rewrite ^/knowledgebase$ /./knowledgebase.php last; best regards chris
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