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About Me

Found 8 results

  1. We recently integrated MailChimp. We exported an imported our clients to the audience list which went fine. Issues: 1. Can I export a list of users who have previously opted out - but only through WHMCS? Cause right now, even people who have previoilsly opted out via WHMCS, show as "subscribed" in mailchimp. 2. Also - POST integration with MC I am not seeing NEW users opt in / opt out changes reflected in MailChimp. Is there a delay in that communication? New users added to WHMCS show this on MC: This person is only eligible for transactional emails.
  2. Hello I've noticed that in 7.5.1 (not sure about other versions as i never tested it in the past) that when someone unsubscribes from marketing emails that it does not remove them from the email list in mailchimp. In the module log it sends this to mailchimp [opt_in_status] => when originally subscribing it sends [opt_in_status] => 1 so how would it know a blank command means unsubscribe? Should it not send [opt_in_status] => 0 I've heard from other users of whmcs who confirm this issue with me as well. I would think that its important (especially with GDPR now in effect) that when someone clicks to no longer get emails that it actually takes them off the list.
  3. Now that MailChimp has started offering web hosting in the guise of drag-and-drop site builders and domain registration, shouldn't WHMCS give us another way to automate emails? Isn't time WHMCS give us either Zendesk (which has all the triggers one need) or Zapier to complete automation?
  4. Hi, I have been testing the mailchieenmp integration. and I found 2 issues. 1) If by mistake you dont create a list right after you setup the mailchimp API key, you wont be able to do it after... There MUST be an option to create a list after the API key has been saved. I had this problem and I was forced to disconnect the mailchimp connection and make it again to be able to add a list. 2) When I try to add the list , I receive this error.. Any idea? type - Schema describes string, NULL found instead vendor - Schema describes string, NULL found instead Thanks!
  5. Hello In the mailchimp integration settings it has an option called User opt in that says " When enabled, users will be asked to confirm they wish to opt-in to your mailing list during the signup/checkout process " I am not seeing a place on register/checkout that is showing this opt in option. Is there suppose to be?!
  6. Hello, DiroHost releases a new Mailchimp Module for WHMCS. Fully Working with WHMCS 6! Version 1.0 has the following Features - Assign Maillist to Client Customfields - Unlimited Maillists manageable - Sync all Clients to one Maillist - Sync Clients to different Maillists - Automatic Sync after Register or Edit - Double Opt in function - Send welcome Mail - Overview for sent campaigns price is 39.00€ but if you order within the next 24h you can use our 30% Discount code "BLACKFRIDAY" For Version 1.1 are more Campaign Features Planned. Support & Updates for 1 Year included! You can Order the Module directly on this page : https://www.dirohost.com/cart.php?gid=8 Pictures of the Module are attached.
  7. Hi All, We have just finished building a Mailchimp addon to WHMCS. This is available for download for free from the following address: http://www.qiq.co/php/company_mailchimp_module.php At present the module does 3 things: 1. When a contacts is added to your WHMCS account their name, last name and email address is automatically added to a specified Mailchimp mailing list. 2. Selecting “Marketing Emails Opt-out” will automatically remove the content from the Mailchimp mailing list. Deselecting “Marketing Emails Opt-out” will automatically add the content from the Mailchimp mailing list. 3. Deleting a contact from WHMCS will also remove the contacts details from Mailchimp. Please let us know what you think, and what you would like to see in our next version. Just to give you some confidence in who we are, we also released a Docsaway addon module sometime ago which has been quite popular within the WHMCS community ( https://www.whmcs.com/members/commun...4682f1126d693a ) Best wishes Paul.
  8. Hey guys, not sure if everyone knows what Zapier is but it's an online service that let's you connect and automate over 250 web apps such as Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Freshbooks, Hubspot, etc. You can check out Zapier here. Anyways, I was in my Zapier account today and noticed WHMCS has been added. I've literally been waiting months for this. Here's the triggers and actions that are currently supported (these are straight from the docs): Supported Triggers New Client - Triggers whenever a new client is added New Ticket - Triggers on a new ticket New Todo Item - Triggers whenever a new todo item Supported Actions Create Ticket - Creates a new ticket in WHMCS. Create Client - Creates a new client Create Invoice - Creates a new invoice. Some screenshots from within Zapier: I hope this means big things to come for WHMCS in 2014!
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