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Found 6 results

  1. Not sure how many have noticed, but in the latest makeover of requests.whmcs.com date and time has been removed, so you cant see how old a feature request is. Please put back the creation date, so we have a better chance of knowing if its a fresh idea or old idea, and if its worth supporting.
  2. I am very excited to announce my first stand-alone WHMCS Module, the SwiftModders WHMCS Feature Requester, is now available for purchase! This module will give your clients the ability to submit feature requests for your products and services from within WHMCS. The module allows for you to set up product groups and your clients will only be able to access feature requests for the products they actively own via the groups. There are also many more features that come with this initial release: Vote Up/Down Requests: All your customers and staff will be able to vote up or down specific feature requests they have access to view. Comments System: Each feature request will allow other customers or staff to respond and discuss the viability of the request. Anonymous Posting: For customers that want to maintain a level of privacy, enable the ability to post their feature requests and comments anonymously. Product Groups: Create specific product groups so your clients can only submit feature requests for the products they own. Moderation Queue: Require an admin approve submitted feature requests before being posted to the public. Request Categories: Setup feature request categories that can either be specific to a product group or globally used throughout the system. Email Preferences: Your customers will have easy access to disable specific email notifications from the feature requester module. Admin Role Centric: Using pre-built WHMCS admin roles, you can set permissions for specific actions like moderating, editing and deleting feature requests. User Rules & Ban System: Specify rules that your customers must follow before allowing them access to the feature requester system. For more information on the Feature Requester product, please visit the product page. For more information on how to use the Feature Requester module, please browse the documentation. If you have any pre-sales questions regarding the Feature Requester module, please do not hesitate to email sales@swiftmodders.com or use the live chat when available. For any technical issues with the product, please open a support ticket.
  3. Hello All, Over the past month or so I've been working on a WHMCS addon module that would really help me centralize feature requests from my clients. I originally built this module to help myself, but I wanted to see if it would be something that anyone else out in the WHMCS Community would be interested in. This module would be useful to software developers and designers, but probably not so much for web hosting providers. However, if you're a hosting provider with custom systems and you would like to know what features your customers want, then this might be of some use. I've attached a few screenshots of the module from my development environment. Here is a quick breakdown of the current feature set and what it does: Admin-Side Adjust general settings for the module via an admin interface Manage product groups that define which products a client must own to submit feature requests Manage feature request categories that can be applied to all product groups or individual ones Manage status labels for feature requests and define the default status label for new submissions Edit permissions for admin roles that can moderate, edit, or delete feature requests Enable or disable the ability for your customers to post feature requests and comments anonymously Enable or disable specific email notifications for admins and customers Close specific feature requests to prevent further voting or commenting Client-Side Set rules clients must follow before being allowed entry into the feature request system Post feature requests for specific product groups in which they have active products for Comment and vote on other feature requests Reply to comments from other customers Edit email preferences so the client does not receive notifications on new comments or request status changes View requests and stats related to clients activity If this is something you would be interested in purchasing for your company, please do not hesitate to email sales@swiftmodders.com for more details. The product is still in alpha testing, but the more people who show interest will make it easier for me to take this on as a new product and project. Thank you for your interest!
  4. To me, this seems like an essential feature -- When you change the price of something, the price change is automatically reflected on all accounts that have the product or service which was changed. It is 2017 -- why is this not built-in yet ? Your options are : Buy a plugin (which the author now charges an annual subscription for) Use the "bulk pricing updater" addon -- great, if you ONLY want to update one product at a time, and don't mind changing the price in several places. This is such a pain in the ass -- especially when it comes to domain pricing where you wish to offer service for multiple years, each year for each domain needs to be manually entered THREE times: Renewal, Transfer, and Registration. You have done a wonderful job in revamping the UI bringing it to a more modern look and feel for my customers, but the administration side is still quite lacking, resulting in screwed up bills -- if they go out at all. What I would like to see is the following : * Fast domain price updates with CALCULATION built in - This means that if I enter the price once, and it is automatically calculated for the number of years I wish to offer for. Some people may wish to override the calculated total (discounts for multiple years, etc) - so allow them to do so. * Free domain for first year with hosting offering, should still show up in hosting renewal invoice. * When updating the price of something - ANYTHING - have an option to automatically update the price for that product everywhere. * Add reports to show what billing is coming up. This is especially useful for domain renewals as they need to be renewed typically 30 days prior. * The current system only sends the invoice out after the domain has reached it's expiration date. You can configure to send invoice notices early, but this affects ALL services. I see no reason why I should harrass my clients by sending them their HOSTING invoice 30 or more days prior to their hosting renewal date. 7 days prior seems to work just fine. This is not the case with domains which need to be acted on more promptly. Adjusting the billing for each domain to something other than the expiration of the domain, is not a good work-around. When a domain is bundled with hosting, the domain notice should still be sent out earlier than the hosting invoice. You also need to update your OpenSRS module to the official one written by Tucows @ OpenSRS. The module you supply is broken and has been for some time now. In addition, whenever you release a new "major" version number, you don't provide any patch for rolling up from the previous version. There are NO clear instructions on how to proceed safely. Additionally, your archives are zip and do not contain proper permissions on the folders. Prior to archiving your distribution, which should be done in tar.gz, you should set the read/write modifications to what is optimal for your application (world writable / etc) on everything is not acceptable. To be clear, these are not suggestions. These are usability issues that make this application very clunky. Again, thank you for updating the front-end, as your system template engine made it impossible to do anything even close to what you did, due to the fact that users can not alter the code of many key files responsible for processing/drawing the data -- modification of templates has been there, however consolidating information in the manner which you have done was not feasible as the scripts written to render the template files did not have all that information available to push to the template. A couple other things : * The table naming convention used is horrible. Every table starts with 'tbl' which is hard-coded iuto your system. Additionally, every table name does not have any _ separating the words used which makes it a PITA to scroll through by reading. The prefix used kills the use of any type-ahead capability in modern DBA applications (typing in Listview to jump to selected match). * The file naming convention is still erratic, and follows a similar horrible naming convention as used in the table structure (Perhaps the source is obfuscated using IonCube because you don't want anyone to see how horrible the source is - possibling seeing conventions like `function $oOOo( $O, $Oo ) { $o = $O + $Oo; return $o; }` ) I sincerly hope you can take these notes seriously enough to implement them. I have seen comments regarding the majority of what I have mentioned spread through the forums, with inadequate reponses. You provide probably the most popular application for this type of service, and while it does accomplish a lot, it is still lacking. If there was a viable alternative that supported my domain providers and hosting application, I would have likely switched to that many years ago. It is both suprising, and depressing that no one has written anything more stable, and that WHMCS has not taken the time to correct fundamental billing issues which should have been fixed in the 3rd or 4th major milestone release.
  5. I wanted to add to the https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/disable-auto-invoice-generation-after-suspension I just think this should be standard, if a customer is suspended we should not still send invoices. What if we are just holding the account for a month after they cancel in case they want to come back! ---- The log in is broke in the feature request section, I did the lost password and cut and pasted it and it wouldn't work. I also tried the Facebook log in and it wouldn't work. I also registered a new account and it wouldn't work.
  6. I have submitted a feature request for WHMCS to make SQL injection hacks harder. https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/making-sql-injection-attacks-harder-for-hackers If you think this is a good idea, please review and comment on the suggestion and let WHMCS that this is a good idea. Any other suggestions are always welcome to make it harder for hackers to ruin our day.
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