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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys and gals, I get the OOPS! error apparently relating to eway.php. The full error message is as follows: Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. Please go back to the previous page and try again. exception 'Whoops\Exception\ErrorException' with message ' The encoded file /home/xxxxxx/public_html/modules/gateways/eway.php is corrupt.' in Unknown:0 Stack trace: #0 /home/harryadn/public_html/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Utility/Error/Run.php(0): WHMCS\Utility\Error\Run->handleError(16, ' The encoded...', 'Unknown', 0) #1 [internal function]: WHMCS\Utility\Error\Run->handleShutdown() #2 {main} The xxxxxx replaces my home folder. Any help? Thanks in advance, Martin
  2. Don't waste time searching for a problem that has already been fixed! If your daily WHMCS internal CRON (for daily automated actions) wasn't working correctly--maybe due to the upgrade process falling within the window of when that CRON is to fire--you might start getting more frequent than hourly emails with the subject: "WHMCS Daily System Cron Attention Needed". If you are fairly certain that your setup is actually working try setting: WHMCS->Setup->Automation Settings->Scheduling->Time of Day either permanently or temporarily to the next hour (so, if it is 9:38PM set it to 10PM) wait until 11PM and this may possibly clear up that erroneous, buggy, dunning message that doesn't really check if something is still wrong! If that doesn't do it then you might proceed with what @WHMCS ChrisD suggests here: WHMCS Daily System Cron Attention Needed. We wasted a good bit of time (luckily we had taken a snapshot) unsetting features and trying to divine what was wrong in the complete absence of any detail about what needs attention. There was no detail, as there was no problem, just a buggy WHMCS. Yes, we have reported this as a bug.
  3. We have an ajaxcart orderform. We also have some custom field in the product which is validated by a validation string. The language tag which is called for this is $_LANG['customfieldvalidationerror'] For example, the current error message for a custom field with the name "Age" is "Age Value is not valid" however we want to change that to "Please enter a valid Age". Thus we need to change the pattern the customfieldvalidationerror is shown. Which tpl file is calling this message that we can alter? Or perhaps it needs to be changed somewhere else. We already changed the $_LANG['customfieldvalidationerror'] however the pattern shows the name of the custom_field first. For example the message is shown right now is "Age Please enter a valid".
  4. We have an ajaxcart orderform. If the client makes a mistake and faces an error we want to edit the "error.tpl" so it automatically redirects clients to a known website (for example, http://www.exampledomain.com) with some delay . For example 3 seconds. Or perhaps if we could refresh the page that would be great too so the client can retry entering the information. Any suggestion how we can do that? - - - Updated - - - As an alternative the error is happening in the configureproduct.tpl when the product is configured. If we can set up the configurproduct.tpl to send the client to a certain page (product direct link) that would refresh our page and the client could Retry filling the forms. Again, a delayed auto refresh would work. Any comments?
  5. We have a custom ajaxcart order form. We want to know if it is possible that we alter the style.css somehow that if there is an error message instead of showing the message inline (as block) it pops up so it won't move other input fields we customized. Right now, when the error messages shows up it partially gets covered by other input fields and makes the cart look messed up.
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