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About Me

Found 7 results

  1. Hi! I need to set up this workflow: after user registration or product selection send him a specific letter! cron is configured! Email Campaigns - ОК! add new rule - and I just can't get the result!!! help please!
  2. Hello, I recently started using the Email Marketer in order to send automatic emails to my clients about their product's next due date. My problem is although I have configured everything (following the documentation) correctly but the emails are not sent. I have created a Demo client with one product and a Email Marketer rule to send email 1 day before the product's Next Due Date. I have configured the product to expire (next due date) tomorrow, the demo client's email is correct (I have tested it and i can send/receive emails), but I still don't get the Product Expiring email. Checking the logs, I found the following entries: Notification sending failed for Rule ID 1 - Error: No Recipients Found Created Invoice - Invoice ID: 123 Automated Task: Starting Invoices As for the cron jobs, I have noticed the following: in 'Set Up -> Automation Settings, I see the message Cron Status OK, however in the System Health page, I see the error: The system cron does not appear to have completed successfully within the last 24 hours. Check your activity logs or learn more about enabling the cron in our documentation. I don't know if the cron job messages are related to the email problem. System details: WHMCS v7.10.2 PHP 7.3 Any help solving the automatic emails problem would be appreciated.
  3. Hi I have been using WHMCS for a while now, and have yet to make use of the Email Marketer function. I am in the process of setting it up and would like to begin using it, however, I just need to check with someone about a question. If I set up a rule that needs to send an email 1 day after registration, will the system send to all existing clients, or only wait for new clients to pass that threshold? The same question applies to rules that need to send emails 30/60/90 days after registration? Will the system email everyone in that instant that has passed those days registered or only new clients that come into those landmarks? If I had it my way, I would love an option that says, "Ignore existing client", or "Ignore clients that have passed this threshold". The latter would be better as it will just ignore that client for that specific rule, not ignore totally. Thank you for your help
  4. How do I Create New Marketing Rule and have it sent on a specific date. So for example, send email on New Year's Even with a special promo. Client Related = Minimum Number of Active Products/Services = 1 It's like it exists because under the Product/Service Related area, the Number of Days & Days Filter Type is available. Where is the "send on exact date" option? May you please help me? Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas. https://docs.whmcs.com/Email_Marketer
  5. Hello Folks, I was looking at the email marketer and I'm uncertain that it will fit our needs for this specific scenario: We basically need to send all our clients with a specific services an email on March 1st for renewal - No matter what are their renewal date or due date. Is there a work around or an other function in the system to schedule predefined emai ltemplate to be sent out on a specific date for 1 type of service? thanks
  6. Quick question, since I'm debating enabling this in a production environment. I'm thinking of using the Email Marketer to replace the Auto Terminate/Fixed Term "7 day trial is over email" I currently have setup directly on the trial product. The reason being is I want to send that email only if they haven't since signed up for the paid product before the 7 day trial auto terminates. The Email Marketer lets me do exactly that. These are the settings I have: http://i.imgur.com/2mSpjr3.jpg So my questions is: There are several dozen clients currently in their 7 day trials at the moment. If I remove the termination email from the product setup, and enable the Email Marketer, will it correctly send the new "trial is over email" to those clients with these settings? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I want to send an email to customers who didn't paid after sign up. Im not sure how should I setup the Minimum Number of Active Products/Services and Maximum Number of Active Products/Services. May be minimum 0 and maximum 1? Thank you !
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