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Found 8 results

  1. We recently raised our domain price a little and was wondering how to update all the prices on the domains already registered. Obviously new domains have the new price but already purchased domains are not changed.
  2. Hi all, Is there a way to have a domain search bar on the front page of my site, that actually returns domain results/recommendations, or does this have to be done in the WHMCS cart? The only WHMCS "Integration Code" code I have is: Clients Login, Domain Ordering, and User Registration. The "Domain Ordering" code does in fact create a Form you can submit, but all it does is re-direct to the shopping cart page with the domain ordering bar (you even have to re-enter the domain you were wanting, as the original form didn't return anything). Seems like that "integration code" just re-directs to the cart. I'd really like a search bar that returns results and recommendations right there on the front page of my site (outside of WHMCS) - is this possible? Can somebody share some code that works? Thanks -Sean (using enom)
  3. Give the ability to your clients/users to make remote domain searches / whois, get your pricing table and your supported tld list with secure API. They can now EASILY integrate their apps /sites with your WHMCS and this can lead to domain registrations. Default Response format is JSON, but it can act as WHOIS Server for other WHMCS. Some Key features 1) NO administrator username or password is required! 2) NO IP White-list for remote API required so it's secured from being use other functions! It uses local API. 3) Request limit per second/minute/hour/day limit 4) Clients can change the IPs of API Key Access from client-area 5) White-label documents for your company to able to brand with your own logo. 6) PHP Examples included and FREE complete working scripts: AJAX Domain Checker: PHP Standalone | Joomla Module 1.5/2.5/3.x 7) Multi-Language Ability to include your own API commands! READ MORE
  4. Hey All, I'm trying to add an attractive way to add domain names... When you look at other providers such as 123-reg and 1and1 etc when you check domain names and try to buy them its a very attractive, colourful way to do it, however the basic whmcs way isn't very user friendly nor very nice so I was wondering what people have done to have the domains checker etc really try to sell domains? Cheers
  5. I am using the following Registrars [FreeNom, NetEarthOne, and Enom]. I have setup most of my domains to use FreeNom (as its usually a whole lot cheaper). When I go to add another domain with a different registrar or try to modify a domain already listed as FreeNom; after I click the save button it will not save. I can not change the Registrar value from Freenom to anything else nor can I add another registrar other than FreeNom.
  6. Hello, what i'm trying to accomplish is replace some characters (აბც) with some english ones and vise versa. I've tried 2 ways to do that - both failed. First of all i tried by making a hook add_hook("PreDomainRegister",1,"hook_transliterate"); Unfortunatelly inside my main function - i cannot neither get the client information neither return it. function hook_transliterate($vars) { $firstname= $vars["params"]["firstname"]; $domain = $vars["params"]["domain"]; return str_replace("a char","b char",$firstname"); } $firstname is nothing - and of course my return is not working as well. Then i tried to do a Transliteration hook , so i made a hooks.php file and placed it in /www/whmcs/hooks/transliterate.php My code is : function hook_transliterate($string) { $string = str_replace("a","w",$string); $string = str_replace("b","v",$string); return $string; } add_hook("Transliteration",1,"hook_transliterate") ; Unfortunatelly it seems is never triggers. Then I tried add_hook("DomainValidation",999,"hook_transliterate"); hook activates every time when domain availability checking running but, i want to transliterate this string and return to client input as different characters for ex: abc = აბც . it would be great to save in DB also like these. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  7. fiberit

    checking domain available

    I get domain unavailable for extensions: .eu .be .aero .gr I have check this issue with some long names and always get "unavailable".
  8. Currently as an Enom reseller, I am charged a percentage by Enom when I add funds to my Enom account using PayPal. Then when I sell a domain registration through WHMCS and use PayPal as the gateway, I am charged fees again by PayPal. I am beginning to question whether it is best to sell domain registrations through WHMCS or not. Does everyone have this double fee problem or do you most of you resellers refill your Enom accounts using offline methods to avoid the fees?

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